Defining Undefinable Spaces

wallpaper-kaleidoscope-colours-1280After the first two days of this current wave, I feel a bit like I am inside a kaleidoscope. Nothing is static, the known reality feels very fluid, everything in motion, swirls of color and light, old and new, the field of choices reaching as far as my mind can grasp in any one moment. If you are feeling a bit dazed, floaty or spacey, with your thoughts more likely to go missing than land on anything solid, just roll with it and leave lots of time for nothingness, self care, restfulness and peace.

Old states of consciousness are dissolving and we are just now beginning to recognize what crystalline structures feel like, within and without. They are very different and require a different level of participation than the lower density way of being. There is no thinking your way through or out of anything – trusting and moving with the energy and desires of the heart will help you to align with the new spaces, new experience and new relationships, with very intrinsic and felt levels of remembrance. Relationships are the single greatest area of transformation on our planet at this time; from who we are, to how we relate to one another, who we are to one another and to what end, all inclusive.

Speaking of Relationship!! This will be the heart and focal point of the next YouAwakening Teleseminar this coming Tuesday, April 28th @ 8pm eastern. You are welcomed to come and lend your energy, bring your questions, participate with the intention of gaining insight and illumination about your understanding of Self and the way you relate to the world around you!

It is really weird to experience the separation even as we journey with intention and great inner resolve toward Unity Consciousness. The new light is ever present and being conscious is a moment to moment choice. Take nothing personally yet everything to heart, into the consciousness of your heart. Don’t forget to play – allow time to tap into the creative, playful nature of this now. Ascension and creativity go heart-in-heart; this is not a stagnant, old paradigm spirituality with a one way pass but a very vibrant galvanization of joy and reunion, surprise, revelation and new new new creations!

If there is something coming into view you can’t believe is real – (as in too good to be true) stay out of the mind and feel it into being! Be aware of old coping mechanisms, self doubt, judgement and/or the tendency to cling to outdated beliefs and attachments. We are learning to embody a different relationship to everything around us and within us. There is no barometer, nothing to compare and contrast, our only compass is our ability to love and embrace that love and BE that love. That is the unchanging nature of who we are – where we are all the same, where we are all One.

New Human/New Relationships on YouAwakening 4/28 8pm eastern

Rewriting Our Consciousness, Reframing Our Lives! on The New Human
Sunday May 10th, 11:11am eastern



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2 comments on “Defining Undefinable Spaces
  1. jane says:

    Thank you so very much for this reminder. I have been feeling incredibly ungrounded and my body has been vibrating strongly and ‘uncomfortably’ . Reading your post has helped and I will pass it onto a dear friend who has the symptoms you speak of.
    Thank you once again, brightest blessings to you x

  2. DeAnne says:

    Happy to share Jane, we are here to love and support one another! ♥

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