Rewriting Our Consciousness, Reframing Our Lives

545733_3280362586694_1634998292_nGratitude to the MANY, in this dimension and beyond, that came and participated so fully and with such presence and love in the New Human Webcast yesterday. It was 90+ minutes of attunement, wisdom and new light frequencies on behalf of a new alignment with a new power and new dimension of Self.

“Epic show today~ i really appreciate your integration of mantra, chant, sound, vibration, color, visualization, guidance and allowance of our inner process, your laugh, your sense of humor and also the wisdom that you take seriously because you know it matters. beautiful modeling, thank you!!!!!!

No worries if you missed the Live Transmission – the archive and an additional file for just the meditation, to work with on its own, are available for your convenience.

Rewriting Our Consciousness, Reframing Our Lives!
Meditation: The Crystal Staircase/Divine Merge

SUNDAY~ May 10, 2015 11:11am eastern

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