Purest Presence, Truest Self

29844-5056x3320I AM so grateful to be on the ocean right now, last night I remained in the water long after the sun went down and the last pink hue was replaced by a still darkness. One of my favorite things to do is jump into the waves as they crash against my body, again and again and again. I can feel the consciousness and energy of the water dismantling and sloughing away the false self, the unconscious aspects I cling to without even knowing or understanding why. No matter how much I release of what and who I know myself to be, it is a constant prayer that I be brave and strong enough to release more.

It was a magical unfolding of events and plans remade that resulted in our being on the Atlantic this week – and yet not coincidently so. The sun is incredibly intense right now, the frequencies coming through the Sun have changed dramatically. Coming to Florida from the Carolinas has really placed this phenomenon front and center for me. We just came through a wave of amplified energies at the beginning of May, the 4th-7th, within which we experienced a blessed X-flare. However you have been feeling as these May energies kick in, know that grounding activities are super important. Stay out of the mind as much as possible, no thinking allowed! This new Sun activity is all about the Solar Heart Center – the more you expand and amplify your heart wisdom and feeling nature, allowing, trusting and falling in love with it ALL, the easier this new normal will be. We are incredibly blessed to be in this NOW – none of it makes sense, nor is it meant to, there is so much coming undone and rebooting on a new level, we are meeting ourselves at every turn in the circumstances, new and old faces shapeshifting through our lives and the discovery of a new level of resolve to be the purest conduit for the frequencies of Divine Love possible. There is an inexplicable, pronounced polarity present – all around us a world so desperate to truly know and feel love ~ and our own expanding capacity to BE that love, for whomever and all that need it.

And so it is, that we enter yet another amplification today, May 13-17th. We are still centered in this beautiful vortex of transformation designed to wash away (me and my love of the crashing waves) wash away the Old Self – Self Delineation 101! Deeper and higher we go – clearing the old story, the old Self, misunderstandings and false beliefs about our selves. These waves are breaking through the patterns and imprints of the old self so that we may experience more fully and deeply the higher and True Self. A sense of detachment, being disoriented from the 3D self and activities is a purposeful and necessary part of the ascension process. There is a simultaneous action in feeling the waves wash away everything safe and secure, known and relied upon – while the same wave brings in so much we’ve not yet dared to dream, yet is slowly and deliberately settling into new spaces within and without, as we allow.

This phase of our remembering and becoming is the very real manifestation of the “in this world but not of it” sensation. WE are changing the show! Consciously and with our hearts, with our love. Breathe deeply and stay really present to your experience. You will continue to be able to function as needed in the 3D zone, work, eat, sleep, get things done and keep a sense of order around you – yet it will seem surreal and the constructs of the old polarity will no longer have the same control over you.

All is well and on path within the ascending spiral. This is a significant and multifaceted, multilevel passage of amplifications between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice, just around the corner from this now. The mission at hand is Mastery, embodying the Cosmic Christ and the Higher Levels of the True Self. Each moment, you are looking out through a looking glass of the old self onto a reality that seems strangely both old and yet unfamiliar. Making our way through this path from attachment to pure non-attachment can leave the mind and emotions feeling displaced and listless, even ho hum. This is a temporary phase and must be met with tenderness, consistent Self care and nurturing, more forward movement, forays into new life and new activity, play and opportunities to share and express love. In other words, when waves are present, the best action is to jump in!!

One of the greatest teachings of the Christ was to Love God and Love one another -and that is very much where we are now. With this edict as the backdrop and intention in all that we do – our willingness to have the experience, to anchor it, and to transcend the old light dynamics which accelerate the collective progress, is what will deliver us to the new alignment we seek and have worked for with the greatest ease. The old self is filled with concern about what will happen when we let go into these new and higher energies – higher state of Self. Know that it is your choices, moment to moment, which will allow you to experience the merge without getting spun off center. We are at long last moving beyond reading and talking about spirituality and learning, with faith and with love, to embody a new state of consciousness one day, one moment, one breath at a time. This is the trust and devotion of the newly emerging human with a new relationship to power, to service, to evolution and to love.

I AM the Light of Creation and It grows stronger and brighter through me, in this NOW.

Holding the Light high and my heart in wide open receivership for my own journey and for the whole of my human family! Blessings of Peace and Love to ALL. DeAnne

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One Love, Light Of Peace, Joy Of Existence to ALL,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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5 comments on “Purest Presence, Truest Self
  1. calmwaters says:

    Very helpful and most appreciated this day of May 14. I well remember joyfully jumping into the waves on the Pacific side! In the midst of my detachment and disorientation you so well described, I can get grounded, stay present and lavish in the waves washing over me.

  2. Jean Canale says:

    Jumping in the waves is one of my favorite things to do too! I can do it over and over and not get tired of it….it brings out my playful child. 🙂 Just one more time! LOL

    Disorientation indeed…..I am finding myself increasing amused with life and routine. Letting go and stepping into new experiences without knowing …. just feeling.

    But it IS fun….

    xo Jean

  3. Robert says:

    I really really appreciated this new day transmission DeAnne. Your guiding words are like lighthouses upon the darkened shore of the shifting dimensional unknown. The reminders to breath and ground are like chocolate. And the solar heart, yes Love Love Love to everyone, everywhere and everywhen. Thank you deeply for all you give, inspire and challenge for us to be our truest Christed self. Much love to you in your Florida ocean motion. Robert

  4. DeAnne says:

    The waves have been very abundant, strong and CONSTANT at the beach this week – hmmmm lots of practice in remaining steady, in the body, attuned to the heart and listening – really paying attention inward, for the voice and desire of the True Self. If we were completely our truest self with the wisdom and clarity and frequency of LOVE that reflects – WHAT WOULD WE BE DOING with the precious time we have here?? Find the center of this NOW – and you will FEEL that answer!! Love each and every ONE of you!! ♥♥♥

  5. Karen says:

    It is my constant prayer also……to be brave & strong ~ to keep REleasing the old , to allow the REmembering of the new ~ may we BE blessed with these gifts of awakening ((((((((+)))))))) in Grace & Gratitude I affirm I AM Spirit ((((((((+))))))))

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