Unbound Unity, The Lightening Of A World

Unity Consciousness is seeping into the fabric of our lives in ways great and small. Each week we gather in greater numbers to embrace the understanding that ascension is a choice. This new cycle of possibility for our species is the culmination of a process that has been building since the beginning of time. It will represent different things to different people depending on states of consciousness. Wherever your mind and focus are, that energy and experience will continue to be amplified. The level of freedom and joy, of community and interdimensional cooperation implicated for us at this time is so multilayered and intricate and profound. We have worked long and hard to get to this moment in evolutionary potential and it is for us to continue to release our grasp. We are in the midst of a process of activation that is deep seated. We must not only trust this love and align ourselves with this radiant Light, but say yes to the mystery that is unfolding by love’s design. This is a lifetime that will catapult us beyond what we currently know to a depth of awareness and understanding that we are just now energetically grasping. Let go of the known, surrender the mind to the heart and allow love to reorder your mind to a heart of fearless mastery. There is only this moment and it is, indeed, a new day. Live it well, live it free, live love.

from, Unbound Unity, The Lightening Of A World
The Shining Ones, Ambassadors Of A New Age Of Light



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  1. Karen says:

    OM Shanti OM ((((((((+))))))))

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