New Moon, BEing With The New


Blessings Of Harmony and Light To A Transitioning World,

There are so many unseen forces and ongoing gifts of support, always present, as we deepen in the remembrance of ourselves and the Love of the Divine. If you have been following this New Day blog you are aware of the amplified wave we’ve been immersed in May 13th -17th. As grace would have it, this latest acceleration of Divine Merge closes with a New Moon on the 17th. This is a perfect opportunity to take what was gleaned, gathered, revealed, instilled and let go of once and for all –  set an intention and then create a ceremony to move forward to into fuller and freer spaces of Self. There is another trigger point coming on the 23rd so again, a perfect window within which to harness the gifts of the New Moon.

New Moons are about giving birth, using the energy to manifest change in your life and planting seeds for what you want to grow in the next 30 days. This can be literal in terms of initiating new activities, important calls or meetings – or it may be symbolic by creating rituals that help you to ground your intention. The important aspect is to honor this day and yourself by really tuning into your experience this past week, be fierce and honest in looking at what you learned about yourself and what you are ready to do, release, change and upgrade on behalf of greater alignment with your truest Light of Self. It was a big week and this New Moon is here to really assist in putting a bow on this latest wave amplification.

Overall, Friday the 15th was the most intense day of this wave. Many were flattened physically by the intensity – not with disease or disharmony per say – but an outright immobility that couldn’t be explained. The best course of action overall with these energies is to just “go with it.” You don’t want to judge it or think it or especially so, resist what you are experiencing. We are in the throes of deep rewrites of consciousness – crystalline structures rewriting the particles of our beingness. This activity really forces you to be present – transformation of the physical and of consciousness at the same time is both brilliant and exhausting. It is essential to peace of mind to filter all your experiences and thoughts, sensations and feelings through the greater awareness of what 2015 is all about: ALIGNMENT!

Every moment is an invitation to reevaluate the Self – the choices you’ve made, where you are, what you know and what has yet to be actualized, while remaining neutral. This is the profound opportunity to witness your being becoming conscious, moment by moment. It is an incredibly beautiful miracle to experience. The “test” is to remain really present without getting lost in melancholy or frustrated by the lost-gap between what you understand and what you don’t. The energies to the egoic self are weird at best, but ultimately, these same strange emanations and phases are Divine Love. And until you can surrender the egoic mind and emotions and be at peace with whatever is presenting for you as your process, you will not be able to move forward and embrace your true Mastery and the fullness of these states of Divine Love.

It is all so very much – that is a given – but what I can speak to personally is that there is a point that the physics of pure Love take over and the same flattening energies begin to carry you, there is a lightness and elevation present that can be felt deeply. It reminds me of another curious experience with the ocean waves this week, which were quite pronounced everyday. I found that if I swam out past the big, crashing, knock you off your feet waves – there was this beautiful experience. The waves were still very full, but more like giant rolling hills of motion that would lift my body up with them versus meet me with resistance. It was pure bliss really, becoming one with the power and force of nature. It is the sensation of absolute Presence. It feels a bit like a pure stream of light directly from the Central Sun flooding through a rainbow colored crystal cascade. Hold that image in your heart – take that energy into your heart. When your intention is focused on the Heart Center through every moment of your process – you become a pure conduit of the true Ascension energy. Perhaps that is a good place to start in creating your intention and ritual, however great or small, for this gift of New Moon.

“My mind is a clear pool of water, my heart a chalice of Light… a clean, clear, conduit.”

Be the reach Beloveds, embrace the gift of this NOW. If you get stuck in mental melancholy, take time to mourn the Old Self and then move on, reach out, connect, join in, ask for help and be willing to embrace radical change for the sake of service and New Life!!

One Love,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones



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One comment on “New Moon, BEing With The New
  1. Karen says:

    On awakening this morning I am feeling a physical wreck – body soooo battered and exhausted and mind so wanting to be depressed and melancholy. All the above applying! So thank you for this expression of self and thank you for reminding me of what to do and I will allow, accept, love, let go and flow. I affirm ~
    My mind is a clear pool of water, my heart a chalice of Light….. a clean, clear conduit…..for I AM LOVE…blessed BE xxx Thank you DeAnne and the Shining Ones…my Wayshowers…xxx

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