Aligning With A Higher Love

2015 is a year of powerful alignment for an ascending earth and humanity. From the current Earth changes and environmental devastation, to the unrest in cities around our globe, the decision of so many to be leaving at this time and the various levels of disconnect and unanswered questions we are all experiencing in our lives – ALL is for the purpose of a New Alignment, a Divine Merge and the Delineation of the Divine New Human. Come and bring your hearts, your intention, your questions and your willingness to remember your Self within this expansive new Light and the greater purpose you are here to activate.

Please join me and the Shining Ones, along with host Jacklyn Johnston on YouAwakening tomorrow evening. Thursday May 21st, 8pm eastern

Father Mother God, make me an instrument of your peace, fill my being with the remembrance of your Love, the Unity I share with the higher dimensions of Light and the service I came to manifest on behalf of an evolving world. The New HUman, I AM!


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