Metamorphosis Of Over Soul

I AM the joy of all Creation – I live in the transformation of my True, Divine Self. All around me the Light shimmers portals of invitation. Each day I witness the flexible nature of reality and the depth of Love that allows me to choose, again and again, the experience of Self and existence I choose to dwell in. I AM the photonic light that shines as the metamorphosis of my Over Soul and I vow to seek the alignment with existence that reflects my truest essence and expression.

20150520_091341Good Morning New Humans,

Sharing a moment from my recent hiking/camping adventure on Roan Mountain! This week has very much been about integrating the experiences of last week’s amplification. It was a lot to maneuver, to come back from a week of being out of town, only to turn around and do a 2 day, 15 mile overnight on a section of the Appalachian Trail crossing from NC into Tennessee. But it fell into place and felt very purposeful  – there really is no more powerful tool for integration of the higher frequencies of light into the newly transforming human vessel than expansive and quality time with the Mother.

From the amplified wave 5/11-17 to the integration time this week, all has been in preparation for another Cosmic trigger this Sunday, 5/23. Nothing is more important now than remaining centered and in a state of peace, your consciousness metaphorically focused on an arrow that has already been released from the bow. The aim of that arrow is ancient in nature  – this NOW is an alignment that has been many lifetimes in coming to fruition. We are walking between worlds, new humans, every moment is both surreal and must be acknowledged, taken in and honored as sacred. Because the sacred is here.

The Shining Ones, who have been in this place with humanity before, in the time of Atlantis, are here and high magicians in synchronizing parallel realities. Many of you were there, as was I. The difference and gift of this NOW are the energies that are here now, lending unprecedented momentum, clarity and even a sense of calm in “following that arrow” of intention, devotion and remembrance to the highest levels of peace and mastery yet actualized for this species.

Stay tuned, as always, to this New Day attunement. I will write more about the upcoming trigger and share with you some beautiful, transformative nature to activate the deep heart and disengage the old Self, old brain, old story and mind. Until then, please join me in holding the space of this New Consciousness Paradigm, this evening on YouAwakening. It is purposeful I AM there at this time – I have just one more engagement on the Summer Solstice and will then be moving on to more and new telesummit series. Your presence and participation is valued – we are on this journey together and I AM grateful everyday for the New HUman family coming together, seeing one another and expanding together in the Consciousness of Unity and Love.

The New Human and the Shining Ones on YouAwakening TONIGHT!!!
Thursday 5/21 @ 8pm eastern http://www.youawakening.comThis event is FREE but you must sign up to listen either LIVE or to the archive!

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