Hearts Wide Open

Gratitude to all who both listened and attempted to listen to last nights teleseminar on YouAwakening. There were technical difficulties to say the least… and yet, an incredible amount of Light and expansive heart frequencies pouring through. Toward the end of the call, there was a magnificent pink spiral of energy from the Galactic Center to Earth – and it felt as if “we” were in the womb or center of that massive, magnetic force – a felt calm and center of peace. Indeed, those energies were present – the rest is the nature of the NOW we are in! The variable is, how we continually respond to those variables. The void – the Pure Presence – does not include any judgment or attachment to what is happening in the external, even in the midst of chaotic circumstances. The more you tune into and feel this merge, the more the details fall away and you feel the cosmic mind-meld of  you and your Higher levels.

We are in the midst of a powerful synchronization unlocking codes in the merge sequence of our multidimensional expressions. The energies the better part of this year have been consistently building on behalf of washing away, clearing the slate on the Old Identity – the ongoing challenge is to let the Higher Self merge and take over.

I AM going to spend some time with the Shining Ones and Gaia this morning, finding center and calm and more clarity to share with you on behalf of the heightened energy this weekend. Stay tuned here for another post forthcoming. I just wanted to assure you that all is well – that there was peace and a stable foundation last night in the midst of wonky chaos. It is for all of us to remain centered in our heartspace, out of mind and free from thought, holding the highest interest of all concerned. Breathe and hold this intention – we are moving into a powerful weekend for Divine Love. Remember always, that that IS WHO YOU ARE.  To be continued…. with love♥




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    With love <3 thank you!

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