Holding A Strong Focus

Symbol of Humanity lr

Light within Light, worlds within worlds, a multidimensional merge
with my truest Self~
with Love and unwavering devotion,

As we come into June, a midpoint for this auspicious year of change and with the Summer Solstice coming into feel energetically, I felt a recap and focus of mind, action and intention in order! Things are happening so quickly, the old constructs of consciousness in such a state of flux and rewrite – feeling unstable, unsure, questioning who the heck you are and what you are doing is the new normal. Rest assured this phase will pass.

There is a profound push to KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Whatever you are experiencing or going through, this is the heart of that and all activity. I have a bazillion questions, a constant inner dialogue running. Some of the questions are familiar – but even more are very new, very much a part of a new reality of consideration. And present throughout is the clear understanding that only I can answer them. This creates an entirely different activity of energy in the body and cells. Additionally, there is enormous activity going on in solar plexus – both pressure and fullness in sensation. Absorbing new light frequencies challenges physical digestion. I’ve been drinking this cleansing and refreshing tonic of organic lemon water with grated ginger and fresh mint all day and I can feel a strong resonance of appreciation and ease from my body and cells in response. And my skin has been especially vibrant and clear as a bonus! 🙂

After two and a half really strong years of Gaia anchoring this dimensional shift, all the while the collective consciousness consistently raised by so many working in and with the Light, we have arrived at an incredibly unique and blessed place. We are experiencing areas of consciousness that have not been anchored on the planet before. There are cosmic forces present since the end of January that have become this unparalleled rushing force that is carrying many into unchartered territory. As the momentum continues, more will have the opportunity and be gathered into these new levels of light and embodiment. In times past, Mastery was achieved by few and far between comparatively. With the coming Summer Solstice, we move from energies supporting alignment to those streaming for the sake and purpose of mastery. The center of knowingness to hold in the light of the Anya is that Christ or crystalline consciousness will express in incomparable ways unique to each, yet all will have a unifying field of intent: Divine love, harmony, peace and a devoted alignment with the 5th dimensional state of Unity Consciousness. Let this be your compass, your peace and your unwavering path as we move forward. The point is not to know where you are going (mind) – but to deepen in your trust and feel the nothingness calling you.

For now, in this brightly lit and grace-filled moment, create and seek the deep spaces for the multidimensional merge underway. Really notice and allow, feel and welcome the moments and hours and days when you are interconnected with all and every expression of your truest self – for they will increase in length and intensity. Know that the Shining Ones and your own beloved guides will assist with adjustments and yet, the experience of Divine Union and Oneness within your being may become all encompassing. It is imperative that you hold your focus, consciously ground in New Light, drink lots of water, get plenty of rest and spend quality time with the Mother. This comes up organically in pretty much every one on one session I engage in – encouraging a deepening attunement with nature. Many of the encoded light filaments coming onto the planet and emanating from Gaia’s 5D/6D expression are easily taken into the body and activated in a natural, organic setting. Her merkaba and the human merkaba are mirror images ascending together toward a new wholeness, a new unity, a new peace.

This is a time to come together in new ways, new humans…  old, familiar structures do not serve the expansion. I’ve shared much recently about the new alignment with future aspects coming online, that new tribes are gathering – and within that new is the awareness many of us were together in ancient times and carry teachings from different Mystery schools to be recoded in this New Light. We are remembering, we are learning to be comfortable with the uncomfortable, stronger in our faith and more secure in our trust of the infinite Source of our highest power. Remember, creativity is love in action and your creative intuition will bridge you to the 5D state.

Light within Light, worlds within worlds, a multidimensional merge
with my truest Self~
with Love and unwavering devotion,

Stay tuned to this space – and the many layers of light-encoded, harmonic offerings you will find on this website. The invitation here is for vibrational you more so than a stimulus for the mind. We have another New Human Transmission coming up on the 7th – I know it will be more illumination on the sharings above – and yet, feeling into it now, I can also say that it will vibrate with a felt energy of grace. Grace in the purest, most harmonious and love infused sense of the word. Come and share in the remembrance – come and bring your light.

Blessings of Gratitude, Peace and Divine Love,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

New LIVE webcast: The New Human – 2015 From Alignment Into Mastery
Sunday, June 7th, 11:11am eastern


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9 comments on “Holding A Strong Focus
  1. Georgina says:

    Deanne, Thank you deeply for this post. It was enormously helpful to me. I remain so grateful for your presence and assistance in this challenging (and confusing) time. Love and Light Always.

  2. beshelja says:

    this gave me some grounding and a sense of relief, as my mind has been having worry that I “might be left behind” or I’m “not doing it right”. Release the old wounds that make comparing and worry obsolete, only love is left. I would love to know more about what the summer solstice is bringing, represents, etc. Many blessings and joy,

  3. DeAnne says:

    Selah Ladies, thank you for taking the time to share – it is always meaningful to know that what I am sending out (with my heart) is of value and making a difference. So GRATITUDE – and Judith – I will be doing a New Human transmission on the Solstice – with some guidance and supports on New Day as we get closer to it, I AM sure. So stay tuned here – and we will continue to navigate the new spaces together.♥

  4. Jean Canale says:

    For a variety of reasons I have missed some of the recent blog entries. In Sunday’s transmission you referenced a recent entry where you addressed solar plexus and digestion issues. I scanned the titles of recent entries and was guided to this one!

    …..I don’t even know what to say about this. I am crying because it is resonant on every level. Though I am very much enjoy life and am savoring the journey I can not deny an ever increasing angst about what am I doing here…..and why…..and who am I anyway???

    You say you are us and we are you and I nod my head in agreement but it still amazes when the evidence is right in front of my face as it is here in the blog entry. I have even been putting fresh mint leaves sometimes with lemon or lime in my water during the last couple of weeks. Also, spending a lot of time in my garden and with trees.

    So glad we have each other……. sniff…..

    xo Jean

  5. Karen says:

    I AM you…..You are me….We are ONE! Fully concur Jean…. I too feel blessed we have wayshowers such as DeAnne & the Shining Ones to help us make some sense of our transformation & guide us back home….so blessed in GRACE that we have each other 🙂
    Much love, Karen

  6. Karen says:

    We’re not crazy!!!! Just truly, madly, deeply, sweetly on an incredible journey back to SELF…yes?!!! xx

  7. Jean Canale says:

    Yes, Karen. …and where ever two or more are gathered we have family! I love this family of new HUmans! 🙂

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