Not Tomorrow, Or Next Week Or Some Day…

0June has entered with a wide open YES as we shift from Alignment into Mastery for 2015! Are you ready for that new hUman? There is the opportunity to anchor these pure, expansive energies with grace and ease, a timely development and we welcome these new supports of co-creation.

The New Human Transmissions, either LIVE or in the archives, are a vibrational opportunity to experience the language of the Light and the conscious merge with your Higher Self in a new way. If you are not already a member of this growing light collective, you might want to consider the nominal monthly fee as a well balanced energy exchange for endless hours of energetic, multimedia support to create internal and external bridges to 5th World.

We are a tribe of many colors of Light – you are already a part of us whether you recognize that familiarity yet, or not. Come and have experience, come and feel the portal of expansion, come and remember more of the multidimensional magnificence you already are!

Next LIVE transmission of the New Human Consciousness: Sunday 6/7 11:11am eastern
Theme: 2015, From Alignment To Mastery
Meditation: Opening To Grace

Learn about becoming a member of the tribe!!

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