Feeling Truly Alive

TravelQuotesFeelingAlive1Gratitude and infinite blessings to ALL who joined in the New Human webcast yesterday. Please make time to listen as there is a LOT of intel shared, deep sustenance for the lightbody and Divine you, with vibrational sharing of what is occurring with our embodiment and transcendence right now. Spectacular! I feel truly blessed to support this beautiful collective of emerging new human through these ascension waves and gateways. Through these webcast and the multimedia platform on DeAnne Live – we are gathered in the ability to witness and share our experiences of embodiment together, which is a profound honor and gift, indeed.

I promised in the show yesterday to provide here the mantra and word we experienced that so beautifully serve as vibrational supports in this NOW.

Anugraha is the Sanskrit word for Grace – it asks that you be with that which supports you – to have faith in that which is always with you.

Osah et atzmi
Merkava I’Sh’china
Merkava l’Sh’china

“Here I am, transforming myself into a chariot for the divine presence.”

If you experienced the transmission yesterday – you are likely feeling the miracle of the alignment of this mantra and meditation with the actual presence that came to be with us – participating with such generous and loving expression.

Finally, the Solstice Gateway has opened – just after the 1st of the month anchored and many of you may be feeling the shift in energy and accelerating effects of it already. It’s On!! Open your hearts, invite in peace, love within and without fully, dedicate the moments to your truest Self and for the next 13 days – focus on your realignment with the higher levels of revelation. We have prepared for this moment – we are remembering the brilliance and feeling the bliss of it within. The Shining Ones urge that all seeking the refined spaces and attunement to this new light avoid all drama without exception. Feel the core shift in Gaia and the pull of this magnificent Solstice passage  – the New Sun is upon us and it is resplendent!

One Love, you are always in my heart beloved light tribe,

Archive of 6/7 New Human Transmission! Webcast: 2015-06-07 ~ 2015, From Alignment To Mastery

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4 comments on “Feeling Truly Alive
  1. Karen says:

    I set my alarm to listen live at 1.11am Australian time, but alas fell asleep 1/4 way through. Just re listened fully this morning & feeling the blessings of Bountiful <3 OM <3 OM >>>>>>>> Bliss >>>>
    In Grace & In Gratitude for this New Mantra ~ I AM that I AM
    Much Love to All xxx

    • DeAnne says:

      Intention goes a LONG WAY with this remembrance Karen so even tho your physical aspect fell asleep – you were still absorbing and connected to the energies and intel. I always encourage listening more than once anyway – so your experience was just perfect for you and the moment and the lightcodes received. Thanks for appreciating the mantra as well – the Shining Ones are bringing them in purposefully at this time to assist with the deeper alignments underway! I feel very blessed by them too – such a joy and meaningful to share!! Big hugs! xo

  2. Joyful Judy Wollam says:

    I can’t say that I was aware of a presence but I was able to stay focused on the webcast all the way thru and took some notes. It was good.


    • DeAnne says:

      noticing shifts is awesome and very powerful in this now – perhaps you are taking more in with consciousness versus mind – which will make all the difference in the sustenance you receive Judy – notes are great as well because again, they keep the mind in the moment! Ultimately the greater objective of embodying the transformational energies will happen with or without notes 😉 as you bring presence to the experience you will become aware of all the Presence that has come to share wisdom, light and love! xo

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