10410160_473246236172679_5911244534987621870_n“The spirituality I am discovering is outside of all boxes, but it is not outside the world – it is bringing me closer to the world – it is bringing me to a place where spirit collides with matter and influences every moment, every action.”

Velcro Ripper, from the documentary, Fierce Light

If you have not seen this film, I urge you to do so and if you have, it is worth seeing again!

I also invite you to follow along with Velcro’s latest project of love, a documentary called Metamorphosis.

“How will humanity be transformed by the crisis we have created? That’s the question at the heart of Metamorphosis, a new feature documentary directed by Nova Ami and Velcrow Ripper. We are going into production on May 8th!

As human beings who are part of an unprecedented planetary crisis, we feel compelled to address what is happening through the power of storytelling. Our vision is to create a work of cinematic art that is both a reflection of the times, and a catalyst for transformation.” ~ Nova Ami and Velcrow Ripper

Velcro is a bright light in the Soul of humanity, a peace activist, film-maker and one not afraid to get in the faces of those that defy peace. He’s been at this a long time, a very devoted “new human” in essence that has made lives brighter and turned up the luminosity of the stars in the heavens by his efforts.

Giving a shout out of appreciation and love for this kind and generous spirit!
Who can you appreciate today New Humans – share your love, acknowledge those doing small and great things all around you!

Much Love for a Wonder-filled Wednesday!

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