image(3)-2Come and share in this love with me tomorrow on a NEW and live transmission of The New Human Paradigm. As we come together in new ways and express in new ways and truly SEE one another in new ways~ the new of this light and the presence that is here to co-create with us will come to fruition. There is much more in this existence that is a gift and blessing for humanity than a burden and shadow – the remembrance of the New HUman teachings will light your path to that existence. New minds, new hearts, new bodies, new world… in each moment, for the highest good of all!

The New Human Webcast – 2015, From Alignment To Mastery
Sunday June, 7 – 11:11am eastern

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One comment on “Blessed
  1. Karen says:

    NEW, NEW, NEW….YES, YES, YES….Woohoooooooooo! <3
    Feeling the vibes of the Shining Ones down under & with Divine Grace I will tune in with much gratitude in my heart & blessings sent to all for a RE union of our ONEness in our TRUTH, in our RE membrance, in the LOVE/LIGHT….blessed BE ((((((((+))))))))
    Thank you DeAnne xxx

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