New June Transmission TODAY, The New Human

Doors flung wide open, love as presence, light as magic, creativity expressing from passion, with opportunities abound! These are the themes and invitation of June. But it is not enough to know this – you must feel and assimilate the frequencies to become this new light.

This is the work and power of the New Human Consciousness, transmissions bridging to 5th World – harmonics, tone, light-codes and metaphor conveying the remembrance and wisdom of the heart.

The visions that come to me often are of a great granite wall cracking open like an ancient damn, giving way to a magnificent, powerful, brilliant cascade of liquid Light, the manna of the New Earth and sustenance for the Crystalline DNA of the Truest Self.

Along with the generous nature of these Eternal waves, I AM impressed in the core of my being, how flexible the external reality is in this NOW. Right now1 Close your eyes, breathe into and feel the unbound nature of that energy. There is greater insight into how collective agreements manifest into our reality and the power we have to create new ones from love, clarity, Unity and peace. Indeed, we are moving into a deeper understanding of our own consciousness and its ability to influence our external reality. Not only is our connection to ancient mystery schools coming online in our present consciousness with new levels of devotion, responsibility and surrender – we are, in fact, creating our own mystery schools in our own lifestream!

This is the magic of this NOW! The Shining Ones recognize the potential of our Earth Mother and this humanity and are here on behalf of an ascended reality and a more dynamic Cosmic relationship for all concerned. These webcasts are in honor of them, guided by them, for you, new human, for the sake of Oneness and the remembrance of a Light-encoded existence. Come and experience what consciousness in the vibration of love, truly means.

The New Human – new LIVE webcast – 2015, From Alignment To Mastery

Today, June 7, 11:11am eastern. If you can’t make the live transmission, the archive will be available shortly thereafter vibrating the same invitation and love.

May we all rise and remember, unite and love together, as ONE.
Peace to ALL,

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