Navigating The Narrows


I am still hanging out in the energies of the first New Human transmission this past Sunday. There was a new breadth and depth to this space that I’ve not felt before that was both wildly exhilarating and yet, somehow, so still and undefinable. For the known and unknown of it, I am grateful.

I did have a very cool experience that I am guided to share with you. Right after the show, I had to lay down for about an hour in meditation. My physical aspect felt like I had just run a couple of marathons and orbited several planets! 🙂 I quickly fell into a deep respite and journeyed a bit with the DNA frequencies.

When I got up, I had one thought filling my body, mind and spirit. I must take up archery! Yep! It was as if I couldn’t get a hold of a bow and arrow fast enough and I could already feel the posture and stance, the center of sure sighted aim of this elegant sport within me. For lack of a more compelling description – the energies of that bow and arrow possessed me. And I understood, clearly and deeply and gratefully so, the metaphor. 

This moment, right now, for our individual and Collective emergence is incredibly refined! It is a time to bring clarity to our reach, refining the course we are on with an intractable focus and perfected aim. Metaphor is the language of the Light and is one of the primary ways Spirit communicates to our conscious thinking mind, inviting us out of known and into the intricacies of the vibrational world. We are navigating the narrows now and must perfect our skills in seeing our way clear of the density that remains, in our personal realities and in the greater world around us.

Late that afternoon, I was at Dick’s Sporting Goods looking at bows and arrows. That was my follow through, my initial action piece in honoring the energies that had communicated to me. I didn’t find my gear that first outing, but I am already anticipating the photo I will be sharing with you in the coming months of DeAnne, straight arrow focus on the One Love and the One Force that commands and moves our truest nature. We are being asked, required really if we are to know the greater purpose of the Light and our lives at this time… to strengthen our relationship to devotion. We must reign the mind in from its propensity to dabble in any and everything that serves to keep it busy and find something to give ourselves to wholly. The goal is to know ourselves and know the Light, as One. That is your aim. Choose your bow and begin now perfecting your aim, refining your course of that reunion with what is true.

Stay tuned everyone, because the whole heart and intention of this portal is to share with you all the nuances and practices of living in the Light of 5D, of knowing you are doing what you came to the planet to do and feeling the joy of Creation within all the questions and uncertainties of that remembrance. This is our time and there is nothing that can keep us from it. Intend everyday to know your devotion to Oneness. I am committed to walking with you and sharing the Guidance of that path.

With Love, DeAnne

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One comment on “Navigating The Narrows
  1. Karen says:

    I AM ONE with the Divine Feminine Rainbow Rays of Light/Love……Artemis, Goddess of Nature & Nurture I breathe you in……..Blessed Be ((((((((+)))))))
    Thank you DeAnne …….I am SHE who gives thanks for the TRUTH <3

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