Stepping Out Ahead

tumblr_mw5bvxPUiI1qea6w9o1_500Good Morning New Humans,

I think it is fairly easy to say that we are all finding ourselves in places we’ve never been before! Navigating reality from a fearless, spontaneous and trusting heart-space is new territory for most of humanity. The familiar grooves of old beliefs and thought patterns will increasingly find no supports or connections in this new environment – we are learning to be “ok” with not knowing and allowing peace and pulling back from the habit of self … to allow for the blossoming of new identity, relationships, experiences and opportunities to manifest.

Let’s not forget – the whole upward spiral is about a new relationship with POWER. What it means to you, how you use it, what you allow into your field and consciousness and what is no longer in alignment with the truest, light-filled self. The Shining Ones remind the “new human” to be vigilant in avoiding drama/chaotic energy – it is incredibly toxic to your entire being – body, mind and spirit. Many are in a spin from the consciousness rewrite underway – yet being conscious is ultimately a CHOICE. Even when “mercury is retrograde” or whatever other plausible explanation is present – we have the capacity as awakened beings of light to pause, choose loving kindness, compassion, unity and truly begin to embody our humanity in new, divine ways.

Be the kindness you seek today, share your heart, shine your light, be free.
Love, DeAnne

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One comment on “Stepping Out Ahead
  1. Karen says:

    I will BE the kindness, I will share my heart, I will shine my light……I AM FREE….Blessed BE ((((((((+))))))))

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