I’ll Meet You There

Have I told you how much I love Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band? I know them personally btw! 🙂 Alvin the bass player is a local, I see him often around Asheville and he plays live music in Micheal’s Bhakti flow yoga class on Sunday… so I get frequent hugs. The band comes for yoga events frequently in Asheville and I listen to the Unity CD ongoing at home. It’s a love-fest – Sean, Alvin and Gwendolyn are as genuine and personable as they are talented! You have experienced this band on DeAnne Live as well as in New Human webcasts – stay tuned for more sharing of their heart centered gifts on future shows.

The heart of this Unity song is Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu~ it is the intention and desire that ALL beings EVERYWHERE be happy and free~ and that we, each of us, be a part of that happiness and freedom in some way.

In this exceptional week of zooming into the power alignment of the Summer Solstice, may we welcome this wish and desire into our hearts, that Peace and Happiness Prevail for ALL and that we recognize ourselves always, in the other. I delight in sharing this with you here!!

One Love New Humans, nothing else but One Love,

The New Human Solstice Webcast – Balance, Gratitude, Acceleration
Sunday, June 21st 11:11am eastern




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10 comments on “I’ll Meet You There
  1. Robert says:

    I love this music. My body was filled with shivers. Tears of hope and longing for us all to be free came flooding down my cheeks. Thank you DeAnne for helping me to keep my own instrument tuned to a higher octave with limitless loving potential. Deep deep gratitude for everything you share with us and for your commitment to the highest truth. LOL

    • DeAnne says:

      I feel the same way Robert – I got to experience this LIVE – it was very meaningful. It brings me joy to share….

  2. Karen says:

    It’s my Soul’s Song ~ my Holy (daily) Mantra ~ Sweet Union ~
    I AM that I AM ((((((((+))))))))

  3. buk2015 says:

    “ALL beings EVERYWHERE be happy and free~ and each of us, be a part of that happiness and freedom in some way”. Dr Daniel Amen has great compassion for prison inmates. He knows the problem is with the brain. His research using SPECT over many years to follow brain activity proves 7 types of ADD and offers happiness and freedom in a new way. The disorder can be inherited and spans generations. Yes, an inflammatory diet with bad fats plays a role. As I listened to this man talk, today, I think it matches the song perfectly.

    • DeAnne says:

      the synchronistic world in action Alexander and surely a reflection of the Unity we all share… many beings are doing good works thankfully and it is making a difference and it does ALL matter. Cool – thanks for sharing! 🙂

      • buk2015 says:

        It is not cool around here, DeAnne. Great village celebrations-the birth of a baby-, marathon in town tomorrow. It is all joy. BTW, our email was a rainbow allowing the love of my father to reach me. Thank you so much. Many beings including our relatives in other dimensions are intimately involved in this process.

    • Kathleen says:

      I have to laugh, I want to click like. Really thank you buk2015. I have just qued up 3 of Dr. Amen’s youtube videos that I find extremely interesting. Thanks again

      • DeAnne says:

        we must ask tech master digby if he can get us a like button! 😉

      • buk2015 says:

        Hallo Kathleen
        Dr Amen? I was impressed by an interview with Dr Amen and it matched the theme of the beautiful song just at that moment but truth is not so simple: in my peripheral “vision” I received the word “salesman”. A search confirms this as correct. “This man (apparently) lives in a $4.8 million mansion overlooking the Pacific Ocean — by selling patients a high-priced service” with no scientific validity. We dont judge or condemn but knowing makes us freer. As DeAnne says, living consciously is work-really a constant “occupation”-what is occupying our consciousness right now and we have our different talents.

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