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crystals-004Gratitude and exquisite blessings on all who participated with the Solstice Acceleration – in your own personal world and in the gathering of Souls as a tribe of new humans here, on the Solstice Webcast. The Shining Ones remind us that we receive so much support and generate so much light with open hearts… as we continue to absorb the Solstice energy and take in this light, may we do so with the pure intention to serve one another and the Ascension process in our world.

If you missed the New Human Solstice Transmission I encourage you to catch the replay and create a sacred space to receive the energies therein. Feel the expansion of it in your fields, consciousness and body and know that the purity of it is a reflection of that same resonance and frequency within.

With an eye on the time of the Wesak, when the Ascended Masters draw so near to our Earth, we now have a blessed window of three months to assist the final Equinox-Blood Moon Gate in September. Know that our interaction with these incoming energies will assist everything upon this planet. May we each, in our own unique and divinely powerful ways, continue the blessed work of anchoring crystal light on behalf of a Collective Transformation.

Have a bright and beautiful week beloveds!
One Love,

The New Human Solstice Webcast – Balance, Gratitude, Acceleration


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