We Move Lightly

Blessings New Humans,

The power and center of the Solstice Gateway continues to manifests in beautiful ways, magical ways filled with crystalline light and divine invitation into very new spaces. If you’ve listened to the Solstice New Human Transmission, you are aware that this gateway is vibrating Balance, Gratitude and Acceleration, in ways great and small. If you are paying attention and in the center of the truest Self, you are going to see these themes magnified all around you – in joyful ways, in profound ways, in the simplest moments and the ones intended to get your attention.

Yesterday, in the late afternoon, Jim, Bodhi and I went up to skinny dip falls to cool off! It was an otherwise ordinary, unassuming day and yet, there is nothing ordinary or unassuming about this NOW. Imagine the delight and awe when we began climbing on the rocks up stream from the falls – and found ourselves surrounded by balancing rocks!! Dozens and dozens of randomly and carefully stacked rock – beautifully attended to cairns, reflecting balance and grace everywhere the eye could see! We, of course, joined in the invitation demonstrated by the nature all around us and created our own moments of balance, with the stones, with our bodies as we climbed many tiers of geometrically placed rock – all poised and balanced on one another as only nature can do.

The Solstice Gateway continues its support of our acceleration, it radiates a crystalline focus, and it is recommended to use every facet to amplify and accelerate our crystalline consciousness. PAY ATTENTION to your guidance and the nudges to get off the beaten path – there is a NEW ENERGY present and open portals everywhere to escape into and remember new aspects of the Self. Even if you are not experiencing the remarkable transformation of consciousness at this time – the embodiment phases and rewrites discussed in the current webcast – the focus is on Unity of Mission and Service.

Here is a moment of music, balance and light for you – choreographed by the inspiration I was filled with from this magical day in the magical flow of these abundant Solstice waves. May you be filled with the JOY of the experience.

In Love, Light and Service,

Music: We Move Lightly by Dustin O’Halloran

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  1. Joyful Judy Wollam says:

    Cairns-what a lovely way to communicate love, joy and peace to one another. I recently came upon a couple of cairns at Lake Tahoe and could not resist taking a picture.

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