Stunning Rewrite Underway

highres_16065494There really are no words Beloveds,

I am grateful for the everyday examples I was given to share with you on the Solstice webcast – but they are comparatively rudimentary to the level of light pouring into the mind, body and hearts of those intent on Ascending. This is a time to unearth and dislodge the deepest and oldest beliefs about who we are and the nature of the reality around us. The atmosphere in the known, everything to do with old systems of thought, belief, structure and control are seriously turbulent right now. Imagine driving a ship through deep space and having a constant barrage of meteors coming toward you. Never has the timeless adage, “if you believe it, it is true” been a more transparent teacher of the new mind and key to understanding the new consciousness. The more you are invested in and believe in the illusion, which is limitation of ANY kind, the more you will see it, everywhere, to validate the false and dismantling system. What you “see” is not a reflection of what is “there” so much as the consciousness you are in! WOW!

The mind is coming undone, rapidly – it is a moment to moment experience of losing your mind (the old belief systems) without losing your mind (literally going crazy!) A stunning rewrite, indeed.

This is a time to polish the mind with your love and defy the fears that limit your full immersion into this gift we know as life – a time to inhabit your Self, experience everything as deeply as possible and dare to see a greater Truth about your Self and the world around you. Set your Self free. You are empowered in this NOW to do so! 

Remember, with the Solstice Gateway and shift into the 2nd half of this year, we are in the Mastery and Embodiment phase of the Divine Delineation underway. For the next few months until the final of the Blood moon gates and Fall Equinox, expect the weird and bazaar, the inexplicable and eerie to be the order of the day… irony at its best because there will be no order or anything definable about it. You are encouraged to create space and take time for deep exploration of what is happening in your consciousness. Know that anxiety has long been the tool of the dense planes of consciousness – for the purpose of blocking higher consciousness, insight, divine wisdom and clarity. It is essential to use heart based discernment in choosing what to engage and what to leave be. This new light around and within you is best and easily received in a calm, relaxed state of beingness. The Shining Ones did much to fill the Solstice New HUman transmission with this essential peace – providing a decided vibration of trust as a mirror for inner balance. I encourage you to create mantras ( or use the many we’ve shared on the webcasts) to provide stability as you navigate the energetic barriers between 4D and 5D – between the Lower Self Matrix and the Higher Self. Each moment is the exquisite opportunity to consciously choose between the old experience and new light creation.

Simply and with fearless resolve pay attention to how you feel!! (Really notice the direct correlation between your thoughts and feeling nature.) The Lower Self matrix will take you down old corridors filled with doubt, isolation, abandonment, anxiety and fatigue. The New Light pouring in through your higher mind will fill you with revelation, determination, a sense of promise about the unknown you stand before and peace in the process you are engaged in. Be aware of new desires around your physical expression, there is a new strength manifesting that will seek new expression in your life in ways that may surprise you. GO FOR IT! Your unique experience reflects a new directive from Source that is rewriting every particle of this Universe. Remember to breathe, surround yourself with activity, persons, opportunity and experience that clearly vibrates the templates of the Solar Cosmic Christ. You will know it by the joy present, the genuineness, lightness and new in essence. As you enter the higher levels of your transfiguration, you will have moment to moment opportunities to polish your own mind, courageous in your focus on the frequencies of Divine Love in all you say and do, in all you are and have yet to uncover in the Mystery now making itself known to you.

With High Regard and the Love of Oneness,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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2 comments on “Stunning Rewrite Underway
  1. Kathleen says:

    This fire which is still burning has posed me with the greatest of challenges and opportunities DeAnne. Another fire had come through nine years ago and burned 80% of our land where we hold sacred ceremony. We took a year off and resumed after that. And not knowing then what I know now I went into deep mourning for about a year so I know those emotions quite intimately. And now I choose joy and trust and gratitude for all the many blessings of the day. I am so grateful for the tools and knowing my heart so deeply. It is a beautiful thing to witness and be in the now. I am also grateful for the gathering clouds.

  2. Joyful Judy Wollam says:

    Just before reading this my husband came to talk to me about the fact that he is re-watching a movie we just watched a couple of weeks ago. He does not have full memory of the movie and that is bothering him. I told him to not go into fear and reminded him that because he has gotten this far in life with a poor memory he will be able to go further. I feel he would benefit from reading what you have written but he’s not ready to do that. I know he is a powerful spiritual being and will manifest what he needs exactly when he needs it. He has taken a first step in asking my opinion. We are losing our minds-the 3D ones.

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