Breathe In

Good Morning Light Tribe,

It is a walk I do with Bodhi at least 2 times a week – and yet there was something about the Light this morning that beckoned a deeper sip. What have you noticed about the nature of the light since the Solstice Gateway? It is as if the light is streaming through more prisms with a greater velocity – for the benefit of this planet and species. In addition, I did receive a pretty significant download, a directive really, from the Shining Ones about an Equinox New Human Gathering. So stay tuned for that!

We are different everyday, the world we live in is different everyday, the nature and objective for our Universe is becomes more refined and crystalline everyday – on behalf of the ascending world. I love and am grateful for each and everyone of you, knowing it is purposeful we are drawn into this intention and Mystery together with the Shining Ones and the templates of a new humanity now emerging. May we continue to embrace the wonder and gift of it all.

Blessings of Light, Love and Unity,

Breathe In featuring Wafia
Japanese Wallpaper

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