Prerequisites To Freedom

2013-07-04On this national holiday celebrating our freedoms and liberties within the 3rd dimension of reality, find some quiet time to explore a more expanded awareness and understanding of freedom~ including the fallacy that you must try hard to become enlightened. It is time to throw out the “how to’s” of spirituality, the notion there is a certain method or course to follow. True transformation comes as we deepen our unique and very personal relationship to the blissful connection of Divine Union.

Carl Sagan said that, “somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”

To reside in these higher spaces of consciousness and energy for our world is to give all of your heart and being to the spiritualization of our planet… but to also let go of how that looks in the illusion that dances around us. This is the forward movement for Earth and Humanity at this time. Something is looking for you, something true and compelling, complex and indefinable yet vibrationally attuned to the frequency of the True Self, Authentic You. All you need is desire, all you need is passion, all you need is unwavering resolve to not deny your dream… and then the whole Universe moves in to help manifest what you carry in your heart.

Trust and devotion to the dream of who you are, awakens the dreamer. And though we each incarnated with roles to play and lessons to learn within the duality here, equally so each and every one of this humanity incarnated with a purpose that would connect them directly back into the heavens, into Oneness and the Unification of the Divine.

This New Human, New Earth Paradigm is the invitation extended into this moment of our Evolution on Earth. It is the remembrance that as spiritual beings of Light and wisdom, we already are free. The question of our individual and collective deepening is, what will we do with that freedom? The harmonics and transformational energies of each New Human webcast are comprised of various reflection, tones, synchronicity and metaphor of the Ascension Spiral – the cadence we are enveloped in at this time. Take time on this holiday celebrating Freedom to quiet the mind and tune one or more of these transmissions to experience this spiraling light uniting Earth and Cosmos. Look up with the wonder of a child! Look out beyond the details that distract you from your indwelling radiance. Look within to find the clearest path home. May we all, together as One Heart and One World, hold the highest expression for all, that each may come to know the Peace, the Strength, the Endurance and Truth of a species destined to BE its own liberation.

With Joy, Peace, Freedom and Love…

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