Frequencies Of Divine Love

20150704_102951Good Morning Beloveds,

I had a blessed and full July 4th, children and dogs, hand-picked blackberries that became a delicious cobbler, watching an animated feature about “home”, nature and rain, creating and stillness… but perhaps the moment that best defined the gift and energy of Independence Day 2015 was the sublime creature you see above. I sit in awe just thinking about this mysterious winged one…

I was coming home from a New Human “think tank” with Digby, we were working on the flyer for the Equinox Event this Fall and I was enthusiastically sharing all the details that have come in so far. This is important as we are always vibrating and attracting, each experience lending itself to ongoing manifestations. I was walking up the steps to the cabin when some movement just to the right of the path caught my eye. I looked down and saw this elegant creature flapping its wings as if to say, “look, look, over here!” I was immediately captivated. I grabbed my phone and first took a video – it was at this point she decided to stop moving and be still, and remained still as if to assure I captured every detail possible.

The guidance and gift became immediately apparent. With primary colors of pink and yellow, corresponding with the heart chakra (love) and the solar plexus (power), this vibrational messenger communicated that our power is in our ability to love. Likewise, that the power (Source energy and Presence) that is here with us now is the highest capacity of Divine Love we have known, thus far. The finer the frequencies of Divine Love we consistently hold, the more empowered we are to balance and accelerate the collective journey. This is LOVE at its finest, for we did not come here for ourselves alone, we came in Oneness, on behalf of Unity.

I AM remembering the single blossom I instinctively picked up at the waterfall a couple of days ago. Pink, with yellow stamens, again reflecting the balance and strength that come when there is perfect union between power and love. 20150702_143259Know that, the Now is where all of your true power is held and that you are equally protected and commanding when that power is centered in love. You are encouraged to be patient and soft with yourself as the activations of long dormant capacities become less and less familiar. Expect your current comfort level with Absolute Presence to be tested in the days and weeks to come.

As dimensions continue to merge and chakras shapeshift into butterflies and Divine Love becomes a magnified mirror in the landscape around you, do your best to let go of familiar coping mechanisms and any attachments to tried and true integration techniques. EVERYTHING IS CHANGING, BE LOVE and you will find your way. The more we allow the details to float by like soft, fluffy clouds in a breezy blue sky, the easier surrender will come and attachments to the known will dissolve.

Have a beautiful week New HUmans, expect to see wonder and the wonder will become you!
With Love,

Please plan to join us on the next New HUman Transmission~
Honing The Skills Of Mastery, A Month Of Activations
Sunday July 12, 11:11am eastern




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3 comments on “Frequencies Of Divine Love
  1. Katie says:

    I just loved reading this! Thank you so much for all your wonderful stories and loving guidance!

    • DeAnne says:

      Gratitude Katie, I loved sharing it and the sharing flowed effortlessly, as do all experiences vibrating the intention of love. Isn’t she just magnificent? – the photo really doesn’t do the coloring justice – but it is thankfully enough to feel the impression! xo

  2. Joyful Judy Wollam says:

    What a beautiful butterfly (or was it a moth). The colors remind me of my light pink holly hock which is blooming now in my back yard. I have been enjoying it so much.

    Looking forward to your next transmission.

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