Crystalline Merge, New Human Style

Good Morning New Humans,

I’ve had a greater than usual attraction to waterfalls over the past weeks, curiously so. I’ve discovered and explored new ones even though I have lived here almost 20 years – and have felt magnetically pulled into deeper immersion with the ones I know and frequent often. One of my favorite things to do is climbing up river on the giant rocks, Bodhi, Jim and I did that for several hours yesterday in the afternoon warmth. It satisfies the adventuresome spirit, it requires imagination and even daring at times when met with the dilemma of how to get over and through certain passages. We came upon one magical spot I immediately knew I had to go and get right in the center of – 🙂 so I am sharing some of that JOY and fun and exhilaration with you here… courtesy of the Yellowstone Prong mountain stream, a headwater of the Pigeon River. ♥♥♥

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5 comments on “Crystalline Merge, New Human Style
  1. Jennifer says:

    summertime magic!!!

  2. Joyful Judy Wollam says:

    Great pix, DeAnne. What is your tattoo of? I certainly admire you ability to immerse yourself in cold water.

    • DeAnne says:

      I believe the one you are seeing is a truth symbol on my root chakra – “grounded in truth.”;-) We’re going to get you IN that water come Fall! ;-D

  3. says:

    Absolutely delightful! You could feel the joy oozing out of each picture. Thanks for sharing these magical moments.

    • DeAnne says:

      Mission accomplished Darstar1!! My favorite thing to do is share the JOY of this energy and the bliss of 5th World! xo

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