North Star Of My Being

NGC6960Every star in the Universe
evolved out of the star at the core of your being.
And that star at the core of your being
has been to every solar system and galaxy
and cosmic event ever known and unknown to man.
In the Light of all eternity
the North Star of all that is wise and true
and infinite and spectacular beyond all understanding…
the North Star of all your dreams and desires
and potentials and gifts…
that North Star is in your mind’s eye and heart’s wisdom.
All the creations of the Universe belong to you, dear human
they pulse with the beating of your heart,
expand and contract with the rhythm of your breath.
May you ride that stream of consciousness through the center of the galaxy and experience the immeasurable wonder of One who has realized their own true mastery and brilliance.

(c) The New Human

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One comment on “North Star Of My Being
  1. Georgina says:

    WOW, does this resonate with me!!! Thank you for posting this DeAnne. Love you Always, Georgina

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