A New Divine Order Continues~

Good Morning Light Tribe,

At yogafest this last weekend we did this really awesome movement called the “flying warrior”! For those of you who know yoga, it was basically this flowing movement from Warrior 2 facing one direction, through the goddess pose with arms flowing up… to Warrior 2 facing the opposite direction in one seamless, graceful movement. We did this for several minutes at a time and not only did I love it then, I can still feel the very empowering magic of being strong and grounded yet lifting up and feeling so light. It was as if one aspect of the body was ungovernable while the rest floated in rhythm with an invisible wave of energy.

It occurs to me that this “yoga mudra” of sorts and even its title, “flying warrior”, somehow mirrors the greater energies in our experience right now. The wave of our last Gate passage on the 4th is increasing in volume and there is this profound sense of Divine Order manifesting as a calm sense of power within the Authentic Self, Divine You – a greater alignment with the Higher Self. It is difficult to put into words but it is akin to moving through water without moving any body parts. Hence, the grace, the strength, the center and calm. There is just a very real sense of peace as we begin to truly open to this new Divine Flow, trusting, allowing, transcending old stickiness, embodying new levels of patience and kindness with others, especially those who are experiencing difficulties as the energies increase.

There is another acceleration beginning today, July 15-19th. As we have discussed recently, every gateway and energy amplification this year will be about a greater merge – which in the lower dimensions looks and feels like a complete shattering of the old self – the old matrix and beliefs and foundation of self coming undone – while in the higher dimensions will look in your reality and feel inside of you like a greater sense of peace – more happiness, lightness, it feels a lot like being in love – that cloud nine feeling. This Divine flow, new order of existence as we know it is rewriting our consciousness and you FEEL that – there is a lot less TRIVIAL in your day to day and a very real feeling of unlimitedness and connection. You will notice with these passages that your mind, conscious thinking you is a lot less involved in your circumstances while your heart and your joy, your trust and sense of well-being is more and more the flow of your newly and quickly shifting, expanding world.

I spoke on Sunday’s webcast about crystals – and these gateways are excellent opportunities to connect with your crystals, use conscious breath to create micro-grids with them, either inside or out of doors, with the intention to amplify the intel and gifts of these gateways for the sake of the Collective. The energies are strong and it is best to focus and work with the amplifications, see this light pouring into your being and radiating as a new expression of clarity, wisdom, insight and love on behalf of your personal world and the greater expansion under way for all.

The Shining Ones have been calling me more frequently to the Shining Ones Vortex to begin creating the space and preparing the energies for the Fall Equinox gathering here in the mountains. I was there yesterday morning in a glorious downpour. The energies were just stunning and SO refined, I felt utterly transported to bliss. Even Bodhi was feeling the magic of the experience. I captured a few moments of the wind and mystery in these woods for you below… as you open up and relax into the video, imagine being One with the wind, so free to move with and abide in the surrounding mystery. Embrace the wind as a reminder to ride the flow of these energies wherever they may take you. Anchor yourself firmly to the earth mother in devotion, as a warrior of the highest order, here to do the good work with grace, strength and mastery.

One Love,

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