Co-Creating The World We Want To Live In

When you begin to see and acknowledge the Divinity in other beings,
they begin to experience that within themselves. It is this seed of
remembrance that you have come to plant within the consciousness
of those who will be drawn to you and the experiences you create. It
is not ours to fix or reform a dying system but to contribute to the
manifestation and sustainability of a truer reflection of Existence. The
New Paradigm focus is to be upon the Divinity before us, with simple
devotion and full hearts.

Your work here on the Earth plane is remembrance~
that heaven is a consciousness and peace a state of mind and evolution
the return to that which you already are, already know, and have thus
already experienced in profound and Eternal ways. Humanity is poised
at such an epic and critical juncture of Its expression as both shadow
and light, that perhaps the greatest awakening is to the awareness that
our spirituality, our Divinity is not something to earn or achieve or stand
apart in. Our evolution lies in reunion – the coming together of all that
opposes the true nature of Existence, which is peace.

Reunion with God, with holiness and an enlightened state of Consciousness
is the quest of every seeker and Master alike. Yet, it is not possible to experience
this reunion so long as we are still attached to the outer reality. What does
attachment to the material plane look like? It is to view anything or anyone
as anything less than perfect. It is to remain stuck in a situation that brings
out the worst in your nature rather than giving the same energy of your time
and attention to discovering that which brings out the best of Who You Are. It
is to blame or judge what another is being rather than unplug from the story
they are choosing and setting your Self free. We cannot find God in spiritual
isolation. The Beloved is found in the moments we feel the most lost, unseen,
in limitation and sure of the role another has played in holding us back from
our bliss and sacred purpose. For it is not possible that something outside of
you hinder this remembrance or progress on the journey back home. The only
thing that can hinder your expansion as a spiritual being is you!

Remember this one thing and you will set yourself free:

The reality you are living in is only yours as long as you keep choosing it…
you are not bound to anything or anyone – You Are Free Now. Earth is your
playground – the arena of your awakening to greater realities of expression
and love. To move forward and live free is to surrender, let go, allow what is
and then choose anew. In each moment. To move forward and live free is to
forgive those who are not yet ready to and to begin seeking out, opening up
to and joining together with others in the human family who share your
interests and concerns in bringing our world back to balance. Be vigilant
in unearthing those habits of self that allow the ego to remain in charge and
hidden in the details of your known. Dare to be vulnerable and transparent
in all your intentions and hold the desire for your own wholeness in your heart,
for Being Whole – Blesses the Whole.

The New Human


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8 comments on “Co-Creating The World We Want To Live In
  1. Marianne says:

    I treasure your daily reminders 🙂

  2. Kathleen says:

    It is my joy to share the poetry that flows from my heart. I hope you enjoy today’s little ditty inspired by a childhood story. Thank you for your beautiful message today DeAnne.

    To Who To Who
    Are We Flying,
    Space To Be,
    To Meet, To
    Love, One
    Heart At A
    Love, First Me
    Then You.
    To Who To Who.

  3. Kathleen says:

    As I was posting this you started following me on Pintrest. At the same moment. I love the synchronicity.

    • DeAnne says:

      me too – but it was a short lived moment – I didn’t mean to get on pintrest and already deactivated!!! 😉

      • kathleen says:

        I don’t do much on Pintrest my daughter encouraged me to get on but it brought a smile as we both hit the buttons at the same moment.

  4. Julie says:

    A truly uplifting post DeAnne. Your words really resonated. Thank you for being there. 🙂

  5. joyfuljudy says:

    Blessings to all of you. See you in Sept.


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