Come Away With Me

sunlight in yellow flowersBeyond the doing and the striving, the fear of not measuring up or being left alone and desolate, the Light beckons, always. All ways… in the wind, in the raven’s call, in the river’s song and katydid’s chorus…everywhere all around, attunement to new vibrations from a world that exist eternally.

“Come away with me,” the Great Mother whispers, “into greater harmony and peace for your world. This is your time to re-member who you are, to pivot as a crystal with endless facets of Light – away from that which reflects polarity back to the devotion of your Soul.”

The reality around you shifts daily in cadence with a greater movement OUT of time and polarity consciousness and INTO timelessness and Unity. This is Truth. No one and no thing can keep that from you. The Earth star is a diamond Light in an dynamically evolving Universe and you are One with her, you are ONE with everything!

(c) The New Human

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2 comments on “Come Away With Me
  1. kathleen says:

    Today I Am tranquil
    As I read the news.
    I choose to plant a
    Seed of tranquility
    In my heart as the
    World Revolves
    Around me
    I am Tranquil at
    My center. Tranquil
    I am.

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