Transfiguration, Swirls of Shanti

transfiguration-1280x768Good Morning Beloved Light Tribe,

Words often seem so limited in times such as these, there is just so much occurring in each moment, on every and all levels of the Ascension process.  And that is just what can be known about the awakening and Shift in consciousness underway. It is so very important to recognize and focus on the divinity emerging within you and those around you. You are in charge and responsible for sculpting and creating your own Ascension experience, moment to moment, day to day.

Everywhere, marinating our planet in this blissful, crystalline energy are beautiful pillars of light, lightwaves going directly down the spine (central column), effectively securing the new human being to a new foundation. This can be felt as a sense of calm, a strong center within that is serving to create stability as the volume is turned up on all levels of reality! The mantra to keep affirming to the Self as we continue to embody this crystalline consciousness is that THERE ARE NO PATTERNS! That is what transfiguration means, after all; a complete and utter change of all form. We are rewriting the consciousness grid of this planet with our conscious, heart-based decision making and very new choices. Without the presence of patterns of old consciousness to follow – we are empowered and responsible to rewrite the definition of relationships, of family, of work and business, of education and institutions and religion alike… no longer succumbing to man made and control based rules that define what our lives “should” look like, who it is we answer to and what is and is not acceptable as we re-establish new centers of authority within.

There are huge, massive identity swirls underway in this transfiguration, “who am I meets who are you”. You can literally feel this brain activity like a program chip checking out others and scanning their energy field, not in judgement, but in search of an identity match! We are looking for our tribe – new light tribes as we enter an ever more accelerated passage. You know you are doing the work of freeing the mind if surrender feels more and more effortless and you feel peace, Shanti, in surrendering to the weirdness of it all. “Beautiful, sweet, mystery, I breathe and drink you in – remaining still in the center of so much disorder and chaotic spin, I embrace this Divine Love with my thoughts, my words, my actions and my trust.”

More and more you will notice you are less affected by the external – as I shared in the New Human transmission 7/12 – the mind is increasingly quiet of old tapes and dialogue and old beliefs are no longer running the show! The fifth/sixth dimensional aspect of your Multidimensional Self, the higher Self, is now aligned to allow for a complete embodiment of the the Christed Self. Transfiguration means complete change of form or appearance into a more beautiful or spiritual state. Close your eyes and feel that internal process underway – feel the joy and lightness of it within.”In this light, the junk, all that is yet dense and old, undergoes a transfiguration; it shines.”

Use the image here to assist you in embodying these Christed frequencies coming onto the planet at this time. Celebrate them – Celebrate you – stand on the Earth and allow these frequencies to pour into you and fill you with the deep understanding of the power of Divine Love. Attach to nothing, feel your way through the strangeness with the heart as your compass, remain neutral as you explore new paths of service, out of known, excavating the truest Self from all the old programs embracing the gift of this NOW. Love one another – be kind and compassionate as everyone fights the battle of the return to Self and an alignment with a brand new world.

With GREAT Love and Gratitude to each of you for walking the brave walk of our return to Oneness.
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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  1. buk2015 says:

    The August Lion s Gate, Sphinx on the Nile and the White Lions of Timbavati,

    I came across the Lion s Gate Portal on 8.8 (varies) every year and knew nothing about it.
    In August, the sun enters the constellation of Leo with energies from Sirius its ruler, transmitting energies to earth in a particularly powerful way, Around this time each year huge evolutionary stargates open that transmit ascension codes to Earth. It is through the pyramids and especially the Sphinx in Egypt. The heart of Leo , if I am right, is Regulus. This is the judge, the law giver. Apparently, it means your center of decision making is within. Without old patterns, we decide, we are the writers of laws not man made systems. Exactly! New authority from within. Regulus.

    In connection with the Lion s Gate, I came across a reference to the White Lions of Timbavati. Timbavati rang a bell. It is one of the black languages of Southern Africa.. It is Shangaan, the language of Mozambique that borders the Kruger National Park. Tambavati in the game reserve, is the only place where the white lion is found. It reappeared in 1975. It is seen as a star being, a guardian spirit in African tradition. Timbavati is on an exact meridian with the sphinx on the Nile.
    The story of how one young woman is protecting the white lion from “canned” trophy hunting, is incredible: a group found themselves trapped in the African bush surrounded by enraged lions. The cats were prowling around their stricken vehicle in the dark. In Africa, dark means black. An old woman suddenly appeared with a child on her back and everything went calm. Later, Linda Tucker found the Shangaan woman was a lion shaman and medicine woman, a sangoma. She, the young woman had a vision of a lion named Ingwavuma, since slaughtered by Canned Hunters. In the vision, the lion said, “It is foolish to demand that God prove himself according to the scientific confines which modern man has created for himself. It is foolish to demand the same of the Lions of God. Don t demand. Listen. It is then that you might hear the most ancient wisdom which could save your life. And save the world”. The white lion lived in the beginning and appears at times of climate change and ecological crises.
    I understand little about astrology and stargates. About Africa, I understand more.

    • iamlace says:

      After over 2000 years of the Fixed star Regulus being in Leo, it is now at 0 degrees Virgo (where the July 25th retro of Venus will start). It will usher in the next couple thousand of years based on the Feminine and SERVICE to the Earth as the theme for the “Royalty”. The leaders in place who serve to BE served, will be shaken out of their positions in the years to come!

      • buk2015 says:

        You are an expert in astrology! Thank you. Can you explain more about the “leaders in place”. What leaders? Your center is within you. Why do you need a leader? What do you mean “who serve to be served”?
        I know so little about anything at all. The sky above my head. What attention have I paid to it? The word buk pronounced book is the Czech word for beech. What do I know about the spirit of trees? This region was Celtic. Depictions in the local museum show large boned people with long black hair. What do we know about them? A fox dug up sea shells. Before the Celts it was a sea bed. So you see, I know so little. At least I can embody love.

  2. joyfuljudy says:

    I like the story about the young woman who is protecting the lions. I applaud her.

    I am surrendering to my inner peace and life is easier.


  3. Jean Canale says:

    “It is foolish to demand that God prove himself according to the scientific confines which modern man has created for himself.”

    I LOVE that!

    Thanks Buk2015~

    • buk2015 says:

      This was a vision or dream of Linda Tucker, who is now “middle aged” and who founded the white lion protection. Please do not thank me.

  4. DeAnne says:

    “Don’t demand, listen.” ♥ This is the heart center of Divine Trust… feel the difference, one vibrates fear and distrust, the other peace and deep trust. The 25th is the beginning of the final of 3 energy gates or amplifications in July – WE WELCOME the feminine and service to the earth as the new royalty – grateful for the evidence in our individual and collective lives that the energy tide is turning, shift is gaining momentum as we focus on and build our lives around not what we see but what we feel about this time and the upward momentum into a new vertical dispensation of authority. Additionally, I have spoken to and brought the energies of the Lion’s Gate into the New Human transmissions over the past several years and will do so again on 8/2. SUCH a powerful time – and each Lion’s Gate dispensation grows as our earth lightens and people are aware enough to acknowledge it! I am SO pleased with the interaction, the love and seeing of one another in your conversing here. One plays a tone and another joins in and there is a harmony, a resonance happening. To be seemingly so distant from one another yet so similar in desire and awareness… Unity grows as we are willing to share who we are and welcome communion with our greater family of light. LOVE TO ALL – TY TY TY ♥♥♥

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