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Dragons and JOY and the Earth’s Love

This past week has been a beautiful dream of unity, harmony, JOY and the conscious decision to come out into the LIGHT of a New Day. I have been guiding vortex experiences everyday – sometimes 2 in one

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Light Shining Through, Eclipse Reflection

Namaste’ New Humans,

Take a moment to breathe in the beauty and light in the photo above. This was taken during the eclipse this last weekend. Beyond the peace and beauty present, it is the golden rays of a new reality

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Energy Update, Webcast Reminder, Freedom Meditation


There is not a photo beautiful enough to express the energies currently passing ~ I chose this one because of what I was experiencing out on the Earth today.
It was what appeared to be an ordinary trail on an

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Everything Is Different, Eclipse Update – and NEW WEBCAST!

once an ember, now a flame
impossible to contain.
Rise Brothers and Sisters Rise.

Namaste’ New Humans,
THANK YOU!! Thank you for believing in a world that is beautiful and filled with promise and light. THANK YOU for lighting a candle

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Solstice Gateway

Everyday, in every moment, within every experience
the Light
poised before every thought you think
every choice you make
every breath you take
the Light.
Blessings to this Beautiful Light Tribe,
As I sit to create this post to you, I feel an incredible welling of

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Harnessing Energy For Good!

Namaste New Humans, ❣️
I want to talk to you about 2 very different worlds. One of those worlds is represented by the image you see above. I was out for my morning run with the dogs. I felt inspired to

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Webcast: June 7 2020 ~ New Creation Rising

Blessings of JOY and PEACE to this Triumphant Tribe! Take a moment here to just breathe in the magnificent light and metaphor of this photo! WOW! I love the layers of perception and meaning in this radiant moment. In it,…...

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Music has been such a great stabilizer and uplifter for me during the Coronovirus Event! I will be sharing some songs, inspirations, words of wisdom and beautiful imagery with you here over the next weeks. This video, Medicine, is our…...

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And The People Shall Rise, Part 5

Blessings of Peace and Wonder to this New Human Collective,

I feel as if I AM standing with all of my brothers and sisters of humanity, looking out on a very new day dawning. I feel that rise inside of me

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Happy Divine Mother’s Day To All 💞

I am here.
I am the peace you are waiting for.
I am the cosmic power in your own being.
I am your deepest nature, 
Luminous wisdom weaving all things.

I am calling. I know you hear me,
and yet you turn and look

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