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Test Background

Dummy text ~ The intention and purpose of the 5D Forum is to generate discussion around nutrition, health, life-style practices and choices that lift consciousness and energy to 5th World frequency and light. Living in tune with the vibrational world...

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Reverant Regard

Never have I felt this truth more profoundly than in this NOW! The Earth Mother is a lover, a teacher, a giver… she is fierce and unconditional, wise and imbued with ancient grace. She has taught me much about strength

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It’s Showtime!

There is a NEW, Live webcast of The New Human today – Revelations, Realizations and Merging Realities ~ with a new meditation featuring the beloved Gayatri Mantra. Come and Join us for an hour of transformational energies capturing the heart

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Snapshots 7-14-14

entering her 16th year on planet Earth!

May we all know the strength, devotion and enduring legacy of the LOVE she abides in.

DeAnne engaging the playful energies and JOY of July – Sliding Rock, Pisgah National Forest!

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Showing Up

The resounding question emanating from the New Earth radiance at this time is, “how strongly do you show up for your Self?” This is a profound and liberating question, the frequency of new light present with us this month –

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Be Still And Know

It is within you to spontaneously feel a great, unrelenting love with all in each moment of your now.
The Shining Ones

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Joy, Imagination, Laughter, Inquisitiveness, Tireless Wonder, Endless Enthusiasm… wanting to know and see and explore and discover and JUMP IN the experience of LIFE with wild abandon! Creative impulses so natural to a child and yet, never far from the

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New Human Affirmation

There is a young girl that works at the Co-op whom I see often. Of course, lots of people work at the Co-op but there always seems to be a synergy, a shimmer of energy between the two of us.

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Webcast: 2014-07-15 ~ Realizations, Revelations and Merging Realities

Do you feel as if you have stepped into a new room or that the lights have been turned from dim to bright in the one you have been in? Perhaps you have noticed a new level of clarity to…...

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“Music takes us out of the actual and whispers to us dim secrets that startle our wonder as to who we are, and for what, whence, and whereto.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson
Music is such an incredibly important and treasured part of my

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