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More Ascension Symptons!

One of the greater purposes in sharing these random yet common symptoms of waking up is to invite sharing and camaraderie amongst the tribe here. No matter WHAT your experience is – someone else is having it because we are…...

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Powerful Beyond Measure

This is a well-beloved quote from a greater expression by Marianne Williamson. I’ll include the whole passage here at the bottom of this morning’s blog. But it came to me as I lay in bed last night – I had

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Remembering And Riding High

There is a curious balance I feel – equally so, utter Union and complete disconnect with the day to day reality. It is very much like I am “here”, but not here. I feel more compassion yet more removed, more

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Bringers Of A New Consciousness

The “bringers of a new consciousness”  – hmmmm, not  a role or responsibility one considers everyday or even in a lifetime.  And yet, they walk amongst us and may appear quite ordinary to the casual observer, yet, their numbers grow

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Welcoming October’s Beauty

I think a kind thought for all the world. May all the world be happy and blessed. Affirm before taking up the concerns for the day – Within me there is a perfect form, the form Divine. I AM now

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The Beauty Of Change

There has been yet another huge shift and deepening with the settling of the Equinox energies as we head into October. Everything has changed, again! And the changes, subtle yet profound, continue to be easier to feel than describe in

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