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We Are Co-evolving Our World

The November energies remain consistent and strong, you can actually feel the “field” as a Consciousness within, the Universe is speaking directly to us as if there were only one of us here – and yet, the fullness of support

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Today I Choose

Now imagine this times your entire human family, the whole world
hold it in your heart, and bless it so.

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Cedar Creek Stables – A Day Light, Orbs and Equine Majesty

Shortly after the show today (11/11), New Human Cindy and I headed out to Lake Lure to ride horses. It could not have been a more beautiful day or setting – and transitioning from the energies of the show to

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November Energies and YOU!

Today is the day!! Brand new LIVE webcast of the New Human Transmissions – this is gonna be a very full and information packed show – so come relaxed and READY TO ABSORB!!
More Love, Embracing Change, Shifting From Density To

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Good Time, Good Friends, Beautiful Earth

Good Monday Morning to each and every ONE!!
We are having beautiful, sun-filled days in the mountains and went to spend some time up on the Blue Ridge Parkway yesterday. Some of the snow we had over a week ago was

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Feeling The Love

I am really pumped up and excited about our next webcast – this Tuesday, 11/11 @ 11:11 am Eastern. This will be a very full and multifaceted show – everything and then some that you need to know about November

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Sea Horses and Elven Trees

Happy Saturday Everyone,
I just wanted to share a couple of moments out of the “day in the life” dairy… 🙂
Bodhi and I are exploring the mountain side behind the New Earth Tree House – a vast uncivilized terrain without trails

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Healthy Autumn Goodness

In a season full of delightful ingredients and incredible flavors, I can’t think of many more quintessentially fall combinations than sweet butternut squash and tender, earthy baby kale. And they just happen to be 2 of my favorite foods. If…...

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Start Immediately!

I always love finding quotes from great minds of our history that still ring so relevant and true today! And there are lots of them. William James, an American philosopher and psychologist, is thought of as one of the leading

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Full Moon In Taurus, Palpable Cascades Of Feminine

What do you value and hold most true, how intimately do you allow yourself to experience your senses, what makes you feel safe, nurtured and loved? This Full Moon in Taurus is an earthy passage with a focus on the

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