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One Love

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Being The Change


Here we are on the other side of one of the most expansive flares and energy gateways thus far since the significant Collective Shift of 12/21/12. The frequencies “kneaded” our consciousness and energy in many and profound ways, but the

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Weekend Wonderland~

Happy Sunday everyone – just sharing a few moments of wind and color and light and JOY with you from the tree house! EnJOY!

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Ascension, The Return To Light

Walking through the energies of this gateway so far, as I shared Thursday, the 23rd, there was a lot of pressure and a sense of fatigue – especially so during the early to late morning hours. The beginning stages of

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Light Of A Great Sun

and imagine too, you ARE the Light of a great Sun with powerful and eternal connections to Creator energy and Divine Love… in each moment. Never is your energy and light controlled or effected by what is happening outside of

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Roasted Vegi Salad YUM!

Roasted (in coconut oil) beets and sweet potatoes next to field greens with fresh figs – a little Udo’s 3-6-9 drizzled on top with chia seeds and wallah! brought the Fall colors indoors! 🙂 enJOY!!...

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Soaring To New Heights

Turkey Vultures riding the thermals – a powerful tribe of transformation and rebirth.
This bird clan is a regular feature at the dog park – they are just so magnificent you pretty much have to stop and take a minute to

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Live It Now

Be strong for love. Be uncompromising and free with your love. Give more than you take and witness the waves of love increasing in your life. Dare to be more for love. Give love a chance to transform what seems

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Taking Charge, Becoming Responsible Creators!

There is a magnified energy of I AM present in the field NOW. The time has come when we must master the outer self and never again allow the material world, the illusion of form to interfere with the Peace

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Flawed And Beautiful

Good Morning Tribe,
I recently had a conversation with a client in the Walk The Path Of Light initiative that I found to be universally relevant. It is so easy to feel or think ourselves isolated and somehow flawed or different

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