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All Things Bright And Beautiful

So many moments, precious and few, so many lives, yearning for meaning, to matter and know freedom.
As we celebrate a new year of potential for this humanity, may we all remember the simple yet powerful gift of LOVE –
our love,

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Merry Christmas and Gratitude to the Light Tribe of a New HUmanity,
So many blessings fill my life, not the least of which is that of walking the path with each of you! Because I know we are family, I know

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New HUman Edict

Go On ~ Amaze the world with your Light
Gift to the world, your Love?

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Winter Solstice 2015

Happy Winter Solstice New Humans,
Take a deep breath and sigh out the fullness of this NOW! We are remembering how to live in expansive existence, shining our inner light brighter as we attune to the new possibilities present in our

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It It Real, It Is Possible, It Is Yours

Good Morning Light Tribe,
WOW what a NOW we find ourselves in! I was high in very new, pristine terrain in the Shining Ones woods yesterday. My intention was to get Bodhi worn out and my Self FILLED UP before heading

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Embodying Dimensional Changes

  Dear Beloved Tribe of A New Earth, New HUman Experience, I was out in the Shining Ones Vortex this afternoon… such bliss and pure light frequency that so graciously clears the mind and fills the heart with exquisite octaves...

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A Time Of Choosing Higher Outcomes

Breathe in the magnificence of it all ~ Breathe in the magnificence of YOU!

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December Energies 2015

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12/12 Light-Codes, Embracing A 3 Year Odyssey

Sat Nam New HUmans,
Sat Nam carries the vibration of Truth, when you express it to your Self it acknowledges Truth as your true name. When expressed to another, it acknowledges the pure essence within that ONE and again, honors

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World Of Metaphor and Light

Good Morning Light Tribe,
This is the Boomerang Nebula – take a moment to just breathe in its magnificence and feel the light it vibrates. Out of literally hundreds of thousands of captured images available to us of our galaxy –

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