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Becoming A New HUman

Notice the co-creative element in this remembrance – there is not something happening to us, but by our focus, inner work, conscious intention and consistent use of repatterning tools (new human templates) we are cooperating with an intelligence we are

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Moving Mountains With Intention!

We are 6 days into the new year… each day the intention I set for this year wraps itself around me like a cocoon of protection, strength, integrity and certain outcome. More than a resolution, intentions carry a deeper resolve,

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Own Your Power

The last two days of yoga have been especially impressionable, like deep seeds planted within the blossoming of my Soul, my heart’s desire and a very new relationship with my power. There is an essence present, lingering in a very

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There Is A Place

There was a pretty powerful shimmer Friday the 2nd. I had to sit with it a bit, the first day of the new year came in so bright and shiny and yet Friday seemed so dense comparatively with an intensity

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The New Human

It is not too late to marinate your being in the frequencies of 5D and the wisdom of the Shining Ones! Catch the latest transmission of the New Human Paradigm via the archives @ DeAnne Live and tune into the

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Here’s To A Year

 …of seeing what is true!
Thank you to the many who showed up and made the first New Human Transmission of 2015 such an expansive, illumining and fulfilling experience. I think we would all agree that 2015 will be a year

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Webcast: 2015-01-01 ~ Coming Into Our Own ~ The Christification of Earth

New Story, New Person, New Society, New Earth… Join us on New Year’s Day as we explore the final gateway of 2014 and the first of many in 2015 – with much New Paradigm reflection via music, metaphor, meditation, 5D...

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New Year, New Human, Brand New Webcast!

New Live Webcast of The New HUman TODAY @ 11:11 am Eastern. With new minds, new hearts and a new Consciousness we WELCOME this brand New Year of possibility, change, healing, transformation and 5D Existence for our individual lives and

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