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Will You Join Me?

Visions are powerful conduits to creation, manifestation and actualization! This is an important time to be consciously imagining, seeing and acting upon our highest ideal for the human family and the planet we call home. Positive and heart inspired vision

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The New Human – emerging into a new relationship with his/her power and making very new choices about the world in which they live.
“This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary

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Valentine Hummus

aka Bright Beet Hummus ** Beets are incredibly good for you – a natural and powerful detox for the liver!! With all the processing our bodies are doing – we cannot support the liver enough!! I hardly ever buy hummus...

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Accept, Allow, Breathe~

When we come to recognize and accept the perfection of each moment, the energy of resistance and challenge begins to shift to effortless change for the highest good of all. The greatest task and the greatest power of our awakening

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Marianne Williamson said, “any thoughts of LOVE uplifts the vibration of the Universe.” So, I AM imagining how incredibly high the frequencies of Light in our world and beyond must be today as we all celebrate Valentines Day in the

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Breathe With Gratitude

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Something Wonderful

It has been awhile since I have shared frequent adventures in magical nature. I go everyday, no matter what the weather conditions… but with a primarily brown landscape and the fact I tend to move quicker versus linger in the

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Consciousness Pivot


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Prioritize, Align, Be Grateful

We are sufficiently and with tremendous momentum heading straight for the Equinox Gateway! We are riding on the wave of the last gateway, January 24 & 25, when the floodgates of the Equinox through Blood Moon passages (March/April and September)

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