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Refuge And True Support

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
I recently discovered Jai Jagdeesh through my kundalini yoga instructor, Danielle. I really love her and am sure will be a part of our meditations on the show in the coming days, so stay tuned for that.

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Webcast: 2015-02-08 ~ Becoming A Living Anchor Of Your Destiny

This image is very much how I feel, suspended in a leap of immense gratitude and joy between the YouAwakening teleconference a couple of days ago and now, a New Human Transmission this Sunday. 2015 is the year of the…...

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It Is Show Day!

The energies just continue to spiral up and accelerate as we begin to settle into this year! The nature of spirituality and of the Light itself is changing on our planet and within the human species. It is both exciting

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Hand In Hand

Shine your light, share your love, bask in the JOY of who you are and dare to live an extraordinary life! After all  – YOU are an extraordinary being!!
Looking forward to being with all of you tomorrow for a brand

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God Is~

In enlightenment, nothing but God exists and it doesn’t require anyone to act any differently and there is no justification. God is – and the reflection of God we see around us has a lot to do with the consciousness

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Be Grateful For It All

Gratitude and a very full heart to all of you who joined in the 2 hours of light, remembrance, transformational energies and love in the YouAwakening event last evening! It was a magical experience with a lot of take-a-way for

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A New Era Of Life

The entry point into Christhood is in each moment… there are no credits to be earned – it’s right here, right now. And you enter when you unequivocally declare that you and everything you know and don’t know is Divine.

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Divine, I AM

We are here to experience all things – but we live in a world where separation is the predominate focus and so we forget the JOY, the Divinity and Love of it all. And yet, either everything is spiritual or

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You Awakening

Good Morning Tribe Of Many Colors and Beautiful Light,
Here is a sneak preview into this Tuesday’s Live event on You Awakening. It would be lovely to have your presence join me, Jacklyn and the Shining Ones as we ride the

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