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Welcoming September With Nature

I AM looking forward to playing and nurturing and honoring the Earth with you on the Fall Equinox here in the mountains! Just a few weeks away~ breathe, love, look up to the Sun and BE the wonder ! ✨?✨

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Co-Creative Shift

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Bliss is never separate from you ~
It is a state of being remembered by being truly present to what is.♥
Please join me in this bliss and the wonder of a new possibility for humanity and Earth on the next –

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Breathe and Remember

Blessings Tribe of Light~
We are being marinated with really refined and pure frequencies~ higher spaces, new choices, greater love for Self and all of existence is permeating the field and providing a lot of nothingness to explore and swim around

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Mind And Heart, As One

Good Morning New Humans,
I AM expressing a moment of gratitude for all who aligned with and held their intentions high for the Cosmic Trigger just passed. It was incredibly powerful and revelatory in effect on our individual and collective journeys.

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The True Teacher

Om namah shivaya Guraye
Saccidananda Murtaye
Nishprapancaya Shantaya
Niralambaya Tejase
I bow to the goodness within myself – the true teacher. This essences inside takes the form of truth, consciousness and bliss. Always present and full of peace, this essence inside is completely free

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Into The Deep

Good Morning Beloveds,
This Cosmic Trigger is fierce and beautiful and exacting in its purpose of helping us to find clarity for our lives. Love and allow everything that comes up  – do not resist it, dare to see everything anew

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Tummy Love

Digestion, bloated bellies and more than the usual questions and discussions around diet have been coming in recently so I felt it would be a good time to talk a little about the importance of refining your food and beverage…...

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Under The Beam, Soaking Up The Magnificence

Blessings Light Tribe, Just touching in briefly during this floodgate of radiance and movement. Today is the 22nd! Since I was born on this Master number in January, I am especially fond of, drawn to, elevated by and delight in...

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Music: Sacred Stones

This months Time-Out entries are dedicated to the Ancient Site in the Shining Ones vortex and the intention for the New Human Fall Equinox Initiative – which is Restoring Balance to the Earth Mother and anchoring a New Grid on…...

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