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New Human Q&A

Good Morning Light Tribe,
A listener to my recent guest spot with Shefali Burns on Awaken To Happiness Now wrote in with the following question. I thought this Q&A moment would be helpful to the many… EnJOY!
Question: Why do we even

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Lion’s Gate, Crystalline Merge, Equinox Pull

Good Morning Light Tribe,
We gained tremendous momentum and a new, stronger alignment with crystalline activity over the weekend. I had such a grounded, unified and blissful recognition of Self and existence in the Shining Ones vortex during the Lion’s Gate

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Tremendous Transfiguration – Lion’s Gate

Blessings of Light and Love New Humans,
Just sharing a moment of reflection from the Lion’s Gate Portal. The day has had a profound stillness, as if to say, “where did everybody go.” It wasn’t just visual although there was a

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Perpetual Creation

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Heart Expansion, Brilliant Activations And Grace

Good Morning Beloved Light Tribe,
Whatever we think we know of grace, I imagine it is like looking at the sun in a rain puddle on an overcast day. Between the Lion’s Gate, which peaks on Saturday 8/8 and continues with

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Sounds of Peace

It’s been a BIG WEEK!! With a 2 hour New Human Transmission this last Sunday and a 2 hour guest spot on Awaken To Happiness Now last Tuesday – not to mention the Lion’s Gate peak coming in this Saturday

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“From a beautiful shiny place~ thank you for today’s call, thank you for your life DeAnne, love and light and hugs Shiny Ones~ Namaste A Wow call~ see you on Saturday~ 888’s Lion’s

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Through The 3rd Eye

I close my eyes to selfishness, self-centeredness, self motivation and self denial~
for I know they reside in the house of fear. My eyes see not the defeat of small minds, the creations of big egos nor the cost of denying

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Loving Awareness

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Divine New HUman

Each of us is here to remember something – it is not about learning and feeding the mind – although that has its merits in this dimension. But evolution is about remembering and remembering has to do with consciousness and

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