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The Way In~

What a day, what a week, what a month, what a world! Whatever you have been feeling, experiencing and contemplating in thought New Humans, know that the magnetics shifted once again during last weekend’s Gateway. It is so fascinating to

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Rustic White Bean and Mushroom Stew

It is that time of the year when we want something hardy and warm in our bodies. This recipe is one that we have used at New Human retreats over the years – it is one of my favorites and…...

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On Full Moons And Freakin Supernovas!

Taurus Full Moon
Sun in Scorpio ~
Moon in Taurus 4º
Tuesday, October 27 6:05 AM MT
We’ve been feeling it for days, actually we’ve been feeling a whole lot of everything these days, but I’m talking about this very earthy, October Full

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Fall In The Shining Ones Woods

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Walk Bravely Into The Wilderness

Good Morning Light Tribe,
Close your eyes and breathe deeply into this moment. There are not words for the multidimensional layers of everything that are impacting and surrounding us at the moment. There really is no place for the mind

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When I AM Still

I finally stopped counting how many times I fell in love with this day~ so much of this life is uncertain and cannot be counted on – yet the beauty of our Earth, the promise of a sunrise, the sweet

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Golden Solar Radiance

I was up on top of Shining Rock last evening… just absorbing the golden solar light and marinating in the energies of this NOW. There is such a deepening present, the energy of community and a deeper love, profound love,

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Life Is Motion

When I gaze upon the photo below, there is no part of me that wonders where the path came from, only where it is going. My mind and heart and most of all, my instinct is to follow the forward

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She Walks In Beauty

She walks in beauty, a graceful stride through the distortion of illusion…
struggles do not sway her purpose
shadows do not distract her from her own incandescent light.
Confidently she goes into the horizon of the mystery,
called by her own wisdom and devotion,

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Into A New Unity ~ The New HUman

“What truly matters is the ability to love what is before us, right now… to walk hand in hand into a new Unity. As we embrace this evolutionary change, we embody the trust that all is in divine order and

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