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The Spirit Of Amazing

Good Morning Light Tribe,
I headed out to the Shining Ones woods yesterday in the rain. I was completely open, my mind suspended in nothingness. If I was observed from afar, I AM sure it would have appeared I was in

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Rise And Be New

Good Morning New HUmans,
Settling into the after flow, after glow of the Equinox/Blood Moon Tretrad is its own initiation. We are remembering how to navigate the field with a whole new and very different energy in our bodies and

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After The Rains…

The Shining Ones waterfall flowing with new abundance. May all beings everywhere flow with the same abundance, light and freedom. ?

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Financial Words Of Power

Selah New Humans, In this bright and beautiful and wholly abundant NOW – a NOW where our relationship to everything is in full scale change – I extend to you a consciousness reboot around abundance and money. In addition to...

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Transformation IS Life

Though life on this very new side of the Equinox/Blood Moon Gateway is strange and surreal and mostly undefineable and unknowable – you are invited to feel into the absolute joy and gratitude that this new level brings in. Yes,

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Grateful New Humans

Blessed are those who gather with One Mind and One Heart for the healing and Unity of our world. These are a couple of many captured moments during the New Human Equinox Initiative in the Carolinas. I have an inspired

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Being, Trusting, Allowing~

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Thinning Veils, Collapsing Worlds

Good Morning Light Tribe,
I see now the importance of staying focused and quiet, following the energies and remaining off-line during the Equinox Blood Moon week of brilliance. What a week we both manifested as a humanity and were gifted with.

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Rise with the sun to Pray. Pray Alone. Pray often. The Great Spirit will listen, if you only speak.
Be tolerant of those who are lost on their path. Ignorance, conceit, anger, jealousy and greed, stem from a lost Soul. Pray

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