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When The Mind Becomes Still ~ April 2016

When your consciousness becomes a still mirror, a still lake, a silent reservoir of energy,
God is reflected in it. – Osho
Good Morning Beautiful Light Tribe,
One of the most powerful embodiments within the ascension journey is the understanding that everything you

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Welcoming Spring In The Mountains

I found some new swimming holes and campsites along the Laurel River yesterday! The beavers had been busy leaving their signatures on many trees and the wildflowers were sprinkling rainbow colors all along our 7.2 miles hike. It was the

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New Plateau Ahead

Good Morning New HUmans,
I AM pretty sure I can see all of you glistening on the new horizon and most definitely feel the intention and love of your hearts as we all make our way to new expressions and potentials.

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Ride The Wave, Surrender To Expand

Good Morning Beautiful Light Tribe,
I AM back in Asheville, yet still in deep process… I will share a few thoughts for now. I just spent a week in a more expansive reflection of 5D/6D and feel deep gratitude to LIFE

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A New Center, Empowered Enlightenment

I often wish I could draw here in this space, like a white board component on my blog page. My high mind is continually filled with visions from the vibrational world, symbolism to convey certain and significant energetic passages. Until

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Everywhere Love

Good Morning Light Tribe,
I found a perfectly etched, schist heart rock in the Shining Ones woods today! The sun illumined it in such a way that in a sea of hundreds of rocks, it glistened with brilliant invitation! Schist is

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Soul In Wonder

Namaste New HUmans,
Gratitude to all of you who showed up and brought your light and intentions to the Equinox Transmission of the New HUman yesterday. If you missed the webcast, not to worry, the sound file is now ready for

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Webcast: 2016-03-13 ~ Deepening and Devotion

Join The New HUman this Sunday for a pre-equinox webcast: Deepening And Devotion March has definitely been in fast forward motion as we feel the magnetic pull of the Christed Solar energies toward the Spring Equinox. With a triad of…...

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Live With No Regrets

Good Morning Light Tribe,
I have had this quote hanging above my bathroom mirror for a time now ~ it carries such purpose and power for me. LIVE WITH INTENTION, WALK TO THE EDGE ~ yes, these are definitely New HUman

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A Way In ~

I see in my heart a twelve petaled lotus
And it glows as bright as the Sun.
From my heart center,
extending up into the heavens
and down into the Earth’s core
Is a central column of Light.
It dances and

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