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Peacocks, Bears, Synchronicity, Love

Welcome To A Very New Reality

Good Morning Beautiful Light Tribe,
We had such a powerful transmission of the New HUman Consciousness and Energy yesterday, 2 plus hours of transformational energies, guidance, higher realms participation, metaphor, supports and tangible examples of how

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Celebrating Freedom

Celebrating freedom, sending compassion to all those who don’t have it and wishing everyone a JOYful 4th of July spent doing what makes you happy!

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Pause, Take A Breath ~ New Moon

Good Morning Light Tribe,
As we settle into July, let us remember that it is in loving the Self and trusting the process of our journey that we sit at the intersection of who we have been and who we are

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Webcast: 2016-07-03 ~ A New Reality

Blessings to the Light Tribe, Many of us are still in suspended spaces of quiet nothingness, the mind curiously still, the heart expansive with trust and allowing, following joy into experiences of new life! So many layers of profound and...

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