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Remembering Something Precious

Good Morning Beloved Light Tribe,
With the August 21st transmission of the New Human complete, I have felt the pull and deepening all week from Mount Shasta. I AM aware this sacred mountain has served as a crown-type chakra for Gaia

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The Time Will Come

Good Morning Beautiful Light Tribe,
First and with a full heart, many thanks for the tremendous love, appreciation and strong intention present as we gathered as ONE, in the webcast yesterday. The energy and presence, so much presence, from so many

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Webcast: 2016-08-21~ High Heart/Diamond Heart Union

Dear Light Tribe, The beginning days of August could easily fall under the “be careful what you ask for” heading! 😛 With vast amounts of clearing, comes vast amounts of nothingness and unknown to navigate and find our way in....

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Healing Green Power Smoothie

Good Morning Light Tribe, Because I know how conscious and good you all are to your body temple, I AM psyched to share my newest favorite smoothie with you. This combination of healing greens, superfoods, roots and fruits is especially...

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The Ancients Are Returning

Holy Ma ~
I just spent 4 hours in the Shining Ones Vortex  – I was called to make a full circle, climbing the masculine quadrant, taking the high ridge across the top all the way into the new feminine energies.

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I AM This Moment ~

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The Stirring Deep Within ~

Blessings Light Tribe,
I got on my bike today and headed East, into the morning sun ~ the direction of NEW and BEGINNINGS and PROMISE. There was a starting point to this ride, but I had no idea how far I

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Fierce Waves, Anchoring A New Grid!

Good Morning Light Tribe,
If you are already feeling the significant shift in energy from July to August, it has everything to do with the approach of the September wave! I took a gentleman out for a half day vortex yesterday.

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New Moon, New Commitment To Self

Good Morning Beloved Tribe,
While we are still basking in the PRESENCE of the High Heart gathering this Sunday past ~ take time today to marinate in the energy and light of this New Moon. It is ALL about COMMITMENT ~

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