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Good Morning Beautiful Beings,
The New Year energies continue to expand and welcome us into a new level of identity and relationship with all of existence ~ absorb those Solar energies into the fullness of your being and rejoice in the

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Harvest Time

Good Morning Beautiful Light Tribe,
Thank you to the many of you for the beautiful presence you brought to the first New HUman Transmission of 2016! It was QUITE the event… with tremendous support and empowering intel for this year of

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Webcast: 2016-01-03 ~ Walking Toward The Light In 2016

Good Morning Light Tribe, I was blessed with a beautiful meditation today, teaching the remembrance of hearing, moving with and becoming one with the harmonics of Creation. These meditations from the Shining Ones always tell me that the portal for…...

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New Webcast Today – Come And Get Your AMAZING On!

Good Morning Light Tribe ~ and what a beautiful morning it is! WOW ~ 2016 has come in with tremendous clearing and lightening of densities… in the body, in the mind, in the path before us and in all that has…...

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Love Song To The Earth

Good Morning Light Tribe,
An amazing stream of Light came in with the New Year ~ peace, spaciousness, a very different “lightness” in the air and in the breath, a clarity in the mind and fullness in the heart. You could

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New Beginnings And Fresh Starts!

I just opened a bottle of Buchi (local kombucha) as I sat down to share a moment with you. It feels very fitting because the flavor profile of this particular bottle is called Unlimited 🙂

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