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Beautiful Dreamers, Migrating To New Worlds

Blessings Beloved Light Family,
These past days following the December Gateway have propelled us into the “how do you describe the indescribable” phase of expansion. OH MY! Dreams have been amplified, visions have been very active as has the physical and

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Existence Precious And Rare

Namaste Beloveds,
I felt I wanted to check in and connect with you, my true family, with a hug and reminder of how very much you are loved. The emphasis on Solar Consciousness and its reflection in the heart is tremendous

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Wonder And Almighty Change

Last night I had a truly blessed experience that I AM still reflecting on. I was asked to assist one of my favorite yoga teachers in her annual Hot Stone Restorative Yoga event. This is an opportunity at a time

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This Is A Full Circle Moment – Gateway/New Moon/Unity Meditation

Beautiful Dreamers and Keepers of The Light,
My heart is so full in this moment and my mind so still ~ the energy of peace is so profound in this now I feel it coiling around my physical being, enveloping me

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Webcast: December 10th 2017 Showing Up, Embracing Divine Destiny

Come and join in Community, Unity and Expansion for the December New Human Transmission: Showing Up, Embracing Divine Destiny. This will be a big show so make some tea and curl up with a nice warm blanket as we explore…...

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Full Moon, Mercury WHAT? and a Brand New Webcast!

Take a moment to tune into all you have done to BE in this moment… much has been cleared, much has been prepared, much as been surrendered and much has been embodied. There is much promise in this NOW ~

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Opening To More ~

Blessings Beloveds ~
There is expansive, radiant, multidimensional activity underway for the purpose of opening us up to more of everything true; more love, more vision, more unity, more peace, more compassion and forgiveness and surrender, more strength and remembrance of

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Gratitude Unlocks The Fullness Of Life

Breathe and take this moment, this now into your heart. We are so loved, so blessed as a species ~ even with the sorrow of separation that is reflected in so many facets of human life. When I meditate on

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Rising To New Expression (Through Gateways and Holidays!)

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and feel the stillness of this moment ॐ ♥
November Gateway
The November Gateway is already open, (Nov 21-25) this is a time of deep healing. Revisit what emerged in you with the August Eclipse

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