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In This Moment

In this moment ~ my breath is calm and my mind is still.
In this moment, the space around me is vast enough to include both shadow and light, sorrow and joy, hate and love, war and peace.
In this moment, the

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Solstice, New Moon, Vast Love

Blessings on this NEW MOON day New HUmans,
Many of us are still in deep spaces of wonder and gratitude for the experiences the Summer Solstice Gate offered. What a gift, as we marinate in those shifts within the mind, body

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Embrace The Light ~ Summer Solstice

Happy Solstice New Humans~
Let this day be about gratitude and opening your heart and owning the fullness of the power you have to create! Create new life, new relationships, new health, new roles of service, new levels of dharma,

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New Solstice Webcast ~ June 18th 2017

Namaste Beautiful Light Tribe, I AM very excited about this Solstice webcast and all the new presence and intel that is here to support this process. This will be a powerful transmission with an array of energies teaching the new...

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Beautiful Dream ~ Sacred Spiral INTEGRATION

Life continues to be a beautiful dream of God’s
and His/Her gifts of Grace bestowed upon me expand my heart and deeply touch my soul. 
Jai Guru Paramahansa Yogananda

Blessings of Joy and Peace to this beautiful Light Tribe,
June has come

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