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Fall In The Mountains

New Human Fall Equinox Retreat
The Fall Equinox is known as The Gateway For Balance and Transition. It is one of the most powerful energy apexes of the entire year. It sets everything in motion and starts the point of transcendence, creating

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Playing With Crystalline Energies

Grand Finale’ to 5 really big days in my world.
The day after the Epic Eclipse, on the 22nd – was my 22nd anniversary living in Asheville. I was born on the 22nd as well – so its a significant

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Energies Pouring In ~

Just a brief note ~ we are all so suspended in mind and emotions with the depth of experience underway. What you will be noticing and feeling increasingly so, is free. I cannot even wrap my mind around what has

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Jyoti ~ Light Of The Sun

Once we were particles of light – now we are beings of light, radiating love. Rumi
Blessings Beautiful Light Tribe,
The last few days have been filled with the most beautiful energies as we come into this Solar Eclipse tomorrow. Each day,

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Toward A Greater Truth…

Blessings Of All That is True Light Tribe,
We are taking many breaths and feeling the reunification underway in our bodies, minds, hearts and spirit. Gratitude to all who came and shared the container for last Sunday’s New Human transmission ~

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Serve And Shine ~ Massive Activation of Crystalline Grid Webcast ~ August 13th 2017

Just in time for the Rare and Momentus Solar Eclipse and following on the heals of a powerful Lion’s Gate/Lunar Eclipse, this New Human transmission will have a lot of input from the Shining Ones around how the current energy…...

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Lion’s Gate/Unity Meditation/Portals Of Expansion

Sharing some light and invitation around the Lion’s Gate energies… The annual 8-8 Lion’s Gate portal is a pivotal Cosmic Ascension event wherein humanity and Gaia are thrust through the Lion’s Gate portal into the higher realms. Every being on

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Transparency Supporting Greater Truths – Serve and Shine

We are all taking a collective sigh as July fades into the horizon – a really big month with a great deal of inner activity as well as a lot of movement in our everyday lives. I am still coming

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