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Here We Go, Our Task Is Balance


Lots of deep breaths needed all around, lots of love and forgiveness (especially with Self) lots of patience, compassion, deep listening and open-hearted sharing. More and more, it will be essential to our own well being and that of our

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The Aftermath And The Beginning

Good Morning Beloved Light Family,
It was a powerful show within a powerful time for our planet and world. Gratitude to each and everyone of you for your presence, support, loving kindness and most of all, your strength and courage to

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Webcast: Sunday September 10th 2017 ~ Your Big Life, The New Maps Are Here!

This is an enormously potent and transcendent time for our species and planet, for you and the divine wisdom you have come to exude. We are all moving to a place where we are going to need each other, more…...

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Fire, Intensity, Rising In Strength And Love

Dear Beloved Light Tribe,
There is an incredible amount of power and transformation occurring on many levels, seen and unseen. We are in the process of exiting the old matrix and accepting the mantle of bigger lives; lives aligned with a

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